I usually get fresh human head and hands from cleric – Ritualist

I usually get fresh human head and hands from cleric - Ritualist
I usually get fresh human head and hands from cleric - Ritualist

The Oyo State Police on Friday paraded a 45-year-old suspected ritualist, Hassan Kolawole, in Ibadan, the state capital, for being in possession of a fresh human head.

The state Commissioner of Police, Adebola Hamzat, disclosed that Kolawole was apprehended alongside nine others involved in various criminal activities across different locations within the state.

During the press briefing, Kolawole shockingly confessed to the crime, revealing that he acquired the human head and two hands from a Muslim cleric named Waheed.

The suspect cited financial difficulties in caring for his wife and two children as the motivation behind seeking the assistance of the cleric for money rituals involving human parts.

Kolawole narrated, “I met one Waheed, who is also an Islamic cleric at a Maolud. We discussed it, and he told me that he knew how to do money rituals that would require the use of human parts.”

The suspect admitted to his lack of knowledge on obtaining human parts and claimed that Waheed promised to procure them for him.

The human head and hands were reportedly handed over to Kolawole at Amuloko, where they met early in the morning.

He stored the gruesome items in his office, which he used for providing spiritual assistance to people.

However, on the day the police conducted a search of his office, Waheed, who allegedly provided the human parts, was nowhere to be found.

The law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing the absconded cleric.

Nine other suspects were paraded for offenses such as murder, kidnapping, cultism, and theft, emphasizing the gravity of criminal activities within the state.

The police assured the public of their commitment to maintaining law and order and apprehending those involved in criminal acts.