Ganduje: Nigerians React To Third Video Of Kano Governor Allegedly Receiving Dollar Bribe


Ganduje: Nigerians React To Third Video Of Kano Governor Allegedly Receiving Dollar Bribe

Nigerians have reacted after another video of Kano state governor, Ganduje emerged allegedly showing him taking bribes.

Many Nigerians on social media have decided to react to the latest video of the Kano state Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, allegedly collecting bribe.

In this latest video which happens to be the third, Ganduje is seen speaking with his guests while allegedly receiving documents and stacks of dollars.

The footage also exposed the names of the contractors, projects and the voice of the purported bribe giver.

It also has the translation in English with dates and timelines. This time around, Governor Ganduje appeared in a black Kaftan.

Unlike the previous videos released by Daily Nigerian, the latest is suspected to have been released by other parties who could have had access to them after copies were released on the request of security agencies and the Kano State House of Assembly.

However, Nigerians have since taken to their Twitter handles to express divergent views.

Below are some of the reactions of Nigerians from Twitter:

@Abdulrahmanleme: “The Kano State House of Assembly has a date with destiny. They must come clean on this Ganduje Gate. An opportunity has presented itself for them to distinguish themselves. The Governor can also make it easy for himself and everyone else by taking the honourable path.”

@Omojuwa: “New Ganduje video out everywhere. Not on iTunes. The onus is on the Kano State Assembly to act on the matter while the EFCC get on with investigating the allegations pending the inevitable end of his immunity from prosecution. A further dent on the “anti-corruption” posturing.”

@biolakazeem: “I mean, how clearer can we expect Ganduje’s complicity to be before we agree he is a stain on the APC & all that is decent.He has been filmed on different occasions crudely & shamelessly receiving bribes in cash. How low can we go? This is the bottom of the bottom of the barrel.”

@OgbeniDipo: “Festus Keyamo who loves to talk about INTEGRITY and CHARACTER is yet to see Ganduje’s dollar video 1, 2 or 3. He paints one party as a party of saints and the other as a party of crooks. Paints one candidate as God and the other a Devil. Nigerians are not fools.”

@chosensomto: “The way Ganduje smiles and shakes body in the presence of Dollars is something to watch.”

@ebuka_akara: “A 3rd Video of Kano State Governor, Ganduje receiving Bribe Emerges. How has this man not resigned yet? This is too much.”

@elnathan_john: “Tempted to do satire around the Ganduje issue. But this is no time for satire. If people in Kano are not outraged in the face of those multiple videos then satire is useless. It is not for laughs. There is nothing to laugh about. If they carry on, then they deserve their Governor.”

@jeffphilips1: “Just came online to see Ganduje everywhere, haven’t even seen the latest but hasn’t Umar Benjamins Ganduje RESIGNED or impeached.
Is he planning to use another agbada to carry dollars to the state assembly for settlement or what?”

@SKSolaKuti: “More evidence of Ganduje’s Greed aka dollar collection operations. EFCC is in a coma till 2019 on this issue. But were quick to freeze Fayose’s account while he was governor. Just imagine this was Wike..Would the EFCC be this quiet on such an issue? This is why Buhari has to go.”

@AyoBankole: “Anything short of Ganduje’s resignation in Kano is a FINAL confirmation of @MBuhari’s accomplice in the criminal dealings that happen in APC.“To think that the man is a close ally of the Pres. is nauseating. That the President has not condemned this shows the fraud that he is!”

@iameneji: “You do know the president has no power whatsoever on Ganduje? He can only PERSUADE him to resign. The EFCC doesn’t even have power to prosecute him until he’s either impeached or he resigns.Give Buhari a break!!! What’s the House of Assembly doing on this issues?”

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