I’ll Never Marry A Man That Waits For Me To Come Home And Cook, Says 5-year-old Girl (Video)


A video has captured the moment a 5-year-old Ghanaian girl listed the qualities of the type of man she wants to marry in future.

She listed the characteristics that would guide her in choosing a husband, one of which includes that he must keep his surroundings neat, particularly his house.

In a video shared on Instagram by Ghgossip, the little girl also noted that any man who would wait for her to come home and cook before he eats is not the type of person she will settle down with when she grows up.

She said; “I want a man who is neat and sweeps his room. I don’t want a man who will wait for me to come home and cook before he will eat.

I can’t be with a man who will wear a shirt for 10 days before changing it and I don’t want a man who can’t wash his plates.”

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