I’m About To Be Homeless, Lady Cries Out Over Trapped Savings In Eyowo


I’m About To Be Homeless, Lady Cries Out Over Trapped Savings In Eyowo

One of the customers of Eyowo, one of Nigeria’s digital banks, whose licence was recently revoked by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has cried out over her rent saved with the company, saying she would be homeless in about two weeks if the company does not release her money.

Speaking during a Twitter space hosted by Eyowo to update its customers on the efforts to regain its operating licence from the CBN, the lady identified as Chikamso said she had been saving the money for her rent on the app and the rent is now due but unable to withdraw.

“I just really need to know when this is going to be fixed and when I can access my money because I’m about to be homeless. I put my savings for my rent in there and I need this fixed in a week or two. If not, I don’t know where I’m going to be sleeping,” she said.

Startup plan stalled
For another Eyowo customer identified as Edwin, his plans to save up to fund his startup idea have been stalled by the revocation of the company’s licence and the restriction of access to customers’ funds. Edwin also lamented that the company has kept on assuring its customers over the past two months and yet there was no solution in sight.

“I’m quite disappointed at how it has been handled to this point. Yes, we’re all waiting for the resolution of the licence issue, but there are things that people need money for. I’ve been saving for like three years now. All my savings since I started working has been in Eyowo and at this point, I do not have any savings again. I’m only living on my salary I cannot do things I want to do.

“I’m trying to create a startup to solve problems and I say look, let me save this amount of money. I want to pay people now to build my business, but I can’t. I just needed the money to invest in my business now so that I could move ahead.

Everybody wants to move ahead in their life or in their career. Every meeting we have had, you always say ‘we are getting there, we are getting there’ yet we are yet to get our money,” he said.
Close to resolution

While apologizing to the customers for all the inconvenience, the Co-founder and CEO of Eyowo, Yomi Adedeji, said the company is now close to resolving its issues with the CBN. He, however, said he would not want to give any specific date for when customers could resume normal activities on their accounts in order not to raise their hopes.

“Essentially what I’m trying to say is that we are at the tail end of what we need to do to get ourselves back up. However, our regulators and those who are like our regulators, we do not have any complete control over their bureaucratic process, we have no control over the approval process internally. And we can only just wait and follow it through,” he said.