Lagos state government shuts Medville hospital over ‘negligence’ in death of patient during childbirth


The Lagos state government has temporarily shut down operations at Medville Global Health Center.

Abiola Idowu, executive secretary of the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), disclosed the development in a statement issued yesterday.

According to Idowu, preliminary investigations carried out by the team revealed that the hospital is not registered with HEFAMAA, and that it had inadequate personnel.

The decision to shut the facility, located at Ago Palace Way in the Okota axis of the state, followed an investigation by the agency after one Triplem Mchaty accused the hospital of incompetence resulting in his wife’s death.

He took to Twitter on Sunday to narrate how his wife, who was attending antenatal clinics at the facility, died after she was induced to speed up her labour.

He claimed that his wife needed a blood transfusion after the medical team resorted to carrying out a Caesarean section but the hospital had no blood bank or ambulance.

He added that despite all his efforts to meet their demands, she passed on and that the baby is now in an intensive care unit (ICU) in another hospital.

Mchaty said he was required to pay over N500,000 before he could collect his wife’s remains.