Friends grieve over Nigerian medical student’s death in the Philippines

Friends grieve over Nigerian medical student's death in the Philippines
Friends grieve over Nigerian medical student's death in the Philippines

The friends of a Nigerian medical student, simply known as Ikem, are in mourning following reports of his tragic death, allegedly at the hands of a group of Chinese individuals.

While specific details of the incident remain unclear at this time, an individual identified as @michaelojuola took to Twitter on Sunday to share a distressing account.

The tweet stated that the victim’s hands had been bound, his mouth covered, and he had been subjected to a severe beating that resulted in his death.

The tweet included a crying emoji, and the author wrote, “A friend of mine, a Nigerian medical student named Ikem studying in the Republic of the Philippines, was brutally murdered by a group of Chinese.

They tied his hands up, covered and tied his mouth, and (he) was beaten blue-black until he gave up the ghost.

This should never be allowed to get swept under the carpet, regardless of the relationship between the Philippines and China.

This is so inhuman and barbaric! I can’t even think straight at the moment because of the horrific videos I’m getting right now from the hospital.”

The Twitter user urged various authorities, including the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) and the Nigerian Senate, to intervene in the matter.

In response to the tweet, @markstormbubble commented, saying, “Oh my God, I know him! He is my schoolmate. #JusticeForIkem.”

He further expressed his shock and extended condolences to the victim’s family.

Another Twitter user, @Magnifiers15, confirmed that he also knew the victim, stating, “I know him too bro… My school mate too.”

When contacted for a response, the spokesperson for NiDCOM, Abdur-Rahman Balogun, urged the concerned individual to formally submit a petition to the commission.

Balogun emphasized the importance of receiving official petitions to initiate investigations and address the matter appropriately.