Nigerians Praising Obasanjo Will Go To Hell, Says Seun Kuti


Seun Kuti, the Afrobeat singer, has tackled Nigerians supporting Olusegun Obasanjo, saying they are “damned and bound for hell.”

Obasanjo was a Nigerian military leader and former president.

He served as the country’s head of state from 1976 to 1979 and later as its president from 1999 to 2007.

In an Instagram live session on Thursday, Seun referred to the former president as “a wicked man who sold the country’s natural resources to the Europeans.”

Seun added that Nigerians who “praise” the former president have “no regard for Africa and the atrocities that the continent have witnessed.”

Nigerians Praising Obasanjo Will Go To Hell, Says Seun Kuti

The 40-year-old son of Fela Kuti, the late Afrobeat icon, also described Obasanjo’s supporters as “oppressors and selfish people.”

“They sell our oil, things that belong to us that if anybody sell the person will become a billionaire,” he said.

“Especially under this Obasanjo, that man is so wicked and any Nigerian that praise Obasanjo for any reason will go to hell, you must go to hell because you have shown that you are beyond salvation.

“Whatever Obasanjo does in this country and you support him, you have shown that you are against Africa, you don’t respect Africa and whatever atrocities Africans have gone there have no bearing in your emotions as long as your interests are served.

“Anybody that can praise Obasanjo for anything is an oppressor, nobody can tell me anything. You are there to serve your selfish interests.

“When Obasanjo was going to give these people all our properties in 2001, there’s nothing these men did not promise us.

“In fact they told us Nigeria will be better than Dubai in ten years. They took all our properties, these people took everything.

“With all these billions that have been stolen, which of your candidates discussed with you the redistribution of wealth?”

It remains to be seen why the singer suggested hell for Obasanjo’s supporters.