OctaFX Broker Soon To Launch Own Trading platform ‘OctaTrader’


After long months of behind-closed-doors technical development, the international Forex broker OctaFX finally announced its soon-to-be-launched native trading platform, OctaTrader. The much-anticipated inauguration will take place in the following months.

What to expect from the OctaTrader platform?

The OctaTrader platform is an entirely in-house project. The developers have paid particular attention to both appearance and functionality. Therefore the platform has a user-friendly interface and performs quickly and smoothly.

The platform’s primary purpose is to enable users to trade, deal with their account and money management, have a diverse range of tools for investment decision-making, and analyse their trading—all within the same application.

OctaFX Broker Soon To Launch Own Trading platform ‘OctaTrader’

The platform will be available for mobile users using iOS and Android devices as well as for web traders. In the next few months, the company expects to deliver the full functionality of the platform, and users worldwide will be able to try out a demo account themselves.

Maintaining its very own trading platform is in the company’s very best interest—to continue its streak of reliability, effectiveness, and transparency in providing its services. Looking back at 11 years of success, market expectations favour OctaFX’s chances of further achievement in that regard.

All of the above-mentioned aspects conform to OctaFX’s value framework. Upholding transparency—especially in the developmental stage—was vital in preparing the path for OctaTrader. Clients are involved in the process. It is this mixture of data-driven and client-centred approaches that raises the probability of later success.

In that sense, the very first step was to find out if there would even be a significant demand for a native trading platform among OctaFX clients. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’—upon which enthusiastic development began.

The broker is long known for not hiding its avid focus on the clients’ investment goals. Helping to reach these objectives has been a crucial OctaFX value from the very start. Launching the fresh OctaTrader will be a new, deciding chapter in this company’s journey to further assist clients in their investment plans.

Although the upcoming trading platform is not yet ready for launch, this same commitment to transparency leads to the joyful announcement of its soon arrival in the first place. So keep an eye out for further updates.

Source: Nairametrics