Of Petitions And Foreign Intervention


It would have been nice to see petitions seeking the recall of corrupt Governors who have been in office for years and have done absolutely nothing for their states while doing everything for their families, friends and political pals. Where were these petitions when "Super" Ministers, Senators and Representatives were living large while the average Nigerian was finding it hard to meet up with basic expectations of living? Where are the petitions now since those same circumstances remain?
The Nigerian constitution actually has provisions which allow Nigerians to petition for the removal of elected leaders they are dissatisfied with. However, instead of using laws of the land to remove those who are oppressing them right in their own backyards, our people are trying to use processes without any legal backing whatsoever in appealing to the sensibilities of a foreign leader to compel Nigeria's President to do what many Nigerians want and many others do not? Is Nigeria now the 51st state of the USA? Are some Nigerians so willing to give up the sovereignty of the nation just because they really dislike President Buhari?
It is becoming more and more like a circus in the ranks of those opposed to President Buhari. What will the next trick be?
In other news, we "hear" 'Inconclusive' has ported itself from 2015 to 2016 by attaching itself to the proposed 2016 'pork' bloated budget. Thank you BudgIT!