Osinachi to be buried June 25 as family considers returning bride price


The family of Osinachi Nwachukwu, the late gospel singer, has announced she would be buried on June 25.

According to BBC Igbo, the 42-year-old musician would be buried in her father’s compound in Isuochi, Abia state.

The media outlet also said some of her family members are considering returning the bride price paid by Peter, her husband, as part of her marriage rites.

Osinachi, renowned for her hit song ‘Ekwueme,’ was alleged to have been a silent victim of domestic assault from Peter.

The gospel singer, who passed away on April 8, was initially thought to have died of throat cancer.

But associates claim it may be connected to an assault by her husband who was later arrested.

Her death had stirred outrage, with many Nigerians calling on relevant authorities to ensure justice is served.