Parkway Unveils Rebrand To Support Strategic Vision For Fintech Startups


Parkway, an infrastructure company for financial and digital banking services rebranded as an ongoing effort to reinforce their role as enablers for financial and banking service providers in Nigeria. In their words as they unveiled the new identity they have “played the part for almost 2 decades, it is time to also dress the part”.

The rebrand is deeply rooted in the company’s heritage and DNA, as Parkway has continued to fuel the same belief since they embarked on their journey that — money can be simpler and seamless. As the organization continues to look ahead, building a strong brand is essential to their role as enablers while ensuring their new identity is in line with their vision for the future — to enable inclusive and efficient financial services for Africans by providing reliable financial technology infrastructure for African businesses.

Parkway Unveils Rebrand To Support Strategic Vision For Fintech Startups

As a part of the rebrand, Parkway launched their new website, reflective of the new brand and visual identity, accessible at The website showcases the organization’s new identity and strategic focus. They also included some of their clients currently building with Parkway: Shuttlers, Schoolable, Little, Payzone and Redcloud.

Parkway understands that many ideas die before becoming the products and services they were envisioned to become. That is why they commit to working with founders and business owners to ensure that their thoughts and ideas make it through the lifecycle.

As Emeka Onwuka, CEO of Parkway puts it, “There is a growing sentiment that every startup will eventually become a fintech or a social network. If people ever have to pay to use it, you may just want to ensure they get the best possible experience with their money. That is where we come in — as your partners to bring whatever idea you have around financial services and digital banking to life.”

The Parkway journey did not begin today. As it repositions to double down on its founding mission, one is curious to see the possibilities it will help founders and the entire Fintech ecosystem make happen over the coming decades.