REVEALED: Real Reason APC Members Are Trooping To Buy Presidential Forms


The proliferation of APC presidential aspirants is not accidental. This was the political gimmick adopted by one of the presidential aspirants from the South West.

The plan was that those hirelings shall step down for him on the D.. day to give the delegates an erroneous impression that he is the most popular among the contestants.

Otherwise, people like Ajayi Borroffice, Dimei Bankole , Rochas Okorocha and the likes have nothing doing in this contest.

They are sponsored agents of this desperate politician. To wit, they have not been moving round to canvass for the votes of the delegates. Are they serious contenders?

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There are a former governor and a serving one among them.

The man in question resorted to the adoption of this strategy having discovered that campaigns of calumny, vilification and betrayal against Pastor Yemi Osinbajo have failed to achieve the desired results.

Is Ascension to the exalted position of Presidency a do or die affair? Well, we beseech God to allow good reasoning to prevail..

Writer: Anonymous