Richard Osita Reports To Police As Bella Nwoko Who Made False Rape Claim Apologises


A Nigerian man named Richard Osita has demanded the arrest of Bella Nwoko, a lady who had threatened to accuse him of raping her.

During the weekend, Osita shared a video on his Instagram page of Nwoko apologsing to him over the allegation.

“This woman accused me of rape because I turned her down,” he said.

“All false rape accusers should serve the same jail term as actual rapists. She tried to ruin my life and I want the Nigeria Police Force to do the right thing.

“Many innocent men are in prison because of women like this, I need her in jail because if the tables were turned I’ll be in prison right now.”

Richard Osita Reports To Police As Bella Nwoko Who Made False Rape Claim Apologises

In one of the videos, Nwoko was seen expressing regret over her actions. She also promised that it “won’t happen again.”

“Hi Richard, I’m sorry for falsely accusing you of rape. I went way out of line and I’m really sorry,” she said.

“For whatever I’ve caused you, for whatever I’ve done to you, I’m truly sorry and it will never happen again please.”

In a series of posts on his Instastory on Tuesday, Osita said he went to the police station to lodge a complaint against Nwoko but “wasn’t taken seriously.”

Osita accused the police of “dragging their feet” over the case because “it is a female-on-male crime.”

“This is the problem with Nigeria, they don’t take female on male crimes seriously,” he said.

“I spent the whole of yesterday in the police station and I haven’t seen any notable action being taken.

“Just asking questions and dragging their feet around @nigeriapoliceforce I’m here again and I’m being told to chill.”

He, however, said the police attended to him after calling them out on social media.

“I just want this dirty thing to end but they obviously don’t care about men in this country. I had to call them out online before they took the case,” he added.