Saraki: Why I Refused To Resign My Position Over CCT Trial


“At the height of the travail, I called a cleric and he said the matter was for them, not even for me so they were indeed praying for us and I want to thank them too. We are in this position because God wants it so. “When they asked me to resign, I said, why? We know how much we fought for this government to come into place. They are just fighting God; they are envious of what God is doing. That is why we will still come back to this same place on the remaining issues”, Saraki added. Earlier, the state chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Ishola Balogun-Fulani had described the appeal by the federal government as another level of witch-hunt on the Senate President, arguing that if the federal government knew the best option available to them, such a step would have been avoided. Balogun-Fulani, who listed some prominent Nigerians who had faced similar charges and were acquitted like Saraki, wondered why the government did not appeal such decision before only to wake up to take such a step now. He described Saraki as a man who has brought more glamour and dignity to the post of the Senate President. Both the women and youth leaders of the party expressed joy over the CCT decision and praised Saraki for not abandoning his constituency even at the height of his travail. Thisday Newspaper To Receive Free News Updates, Add To Your WhatsApp: 08033857245; For Adverts Enquiries, Call 08083609209, To Publish Your Articles Or News Stories, Email ]]>