She Screamed ‘I Don’t Want To Die’ — Colleague Narrates Last Moments Of Doctor Vwaere Diaso Killed In Elevator Accident


She Screamed ‘I Don’t Want To Die’ — Colleague Narrates Last Moments Of Doctor Vwaere Diaso Killed In Elevator Accident

A Twitter user with the username @LaseMoye, has described the last moments before the death of Vwaere Diaso, a medical doctor at Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan.

Diaso had died on Tuesday after an elevator she was in at the general hospital, fell from the 10th floor.

The deceased was said to have been on her way to the ground floor to pick up a food delivery from a dispatch rider when the incident happened.

Moye, who also works at the hospital, said she was standing in front of the elevator and pressed the open button but didn’t enter because she was on a video call.

She said it wasn’t long after that when she heard a big crash to the floor which made the dispatch rider who brought food for Diaso to run out of the building.

The doctor said someone then raised the alarm that Vwaere was in the elevator, adding that they immediately began seeking help to bring her out of the elevator.

“They tried to use rods to open it, to be sure it wasn’t a joke. They finally opened it and the sight was gruesome. Muffled sounds of excruciating pain and agony became apparent,” she wrote.

“Her forehead had a horizontal cut, her mouth had another one and she had raccoon eyes. She was lying in between the base of the elevator and the ground floor with the engine hanging over her head which meant any miscalculation in movement, she’ll be crushed to instant death!

“She was literally sandwiched in between the hanging engine and below the ground floor with blood on broken glasses and fractured limbs. It’s not a sight to describe.”


The deceased’s colleague said engineers were called to dismantle the elevator, noting that it took almost 40 minutes for them to arrive.

“I remember telling her to relax that help is coming, she said “Don’t tell me to relax, tell them to get me out of here”. We eventually got her out and she kept saying she thinks she’ll die,” she wrote.

“Emergency care was almost zero and inside a hospital for that matter. There was no blood in the hospital.

“She was eventually wheeled out but she was already weak and kept saying ”I don’t want to die”. They commenced CPR and the finality of it all happened.”

Moye explained that the elevator has been a source of concern to the doctors for years but complaints were never attended to.

“I remember the last time we complained they said we should manage that in their time they were sleeping in call rooms during their horsemanship days and we are lucky we have water, lift and rooms to live in and we aren’t grateful.

“It’s like we are asking for too much? They were not even giving us the barest minimum and they shut us up when we complained.”