Still On The Sorry State Of Healthcare In Nigeria By Victoria Ohaeri


Lagos State has an estimated population of 15-20 million people. Do you know that there are only two advanced medical diagnostic centres in State? The first is Bola Tinubu (BT) Diagnostics housed in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and the second is the Indian-run MECURE at Oshodi, Lagos. Most patients with ailments requiring sophisticated medical investigations like MRI, IVU and CT-scans are referred to these facilities. Due to the huge volume of clientele, it takes several days for results to be ready. Mecure is also a profit-desperate entity involved in facilitating medical tourism to India at very exorbitant costs. It’s unclear if there is any serious regulation of their activities. 

How can only two healthcare facilities serve 15-20 million people? In the 21st century? I hear some states don’t even have the facilities for advanced medicine. What this also means is that a patient in the farthest end of Ajah, Ikorodu and Badagry will have to travel long distances (at least twice) before a proper diagnosis can be made. And again, how many medical consultants are available to interpret these results and manage these serious cases to wellness?

My dear Nigerian people, embrace healthy lifestyles this year. Should you be poor, and have any serious medical condition, you may be in for a huge joke!

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