Surgeons Remove 3ft Lython-shaped Poo From Constipated Woman


Surgeons Remove 3ft Lython-shaped Poo From Constipated Woman

A woman may have just laid claim to having done the biggest poo of all time.

Surgeons have been left horrified after removing the giant log from the 53-year-old patient – identified only as Hua – who claimed she’d been backed up for years.

She was left desparate for help and begged medics at Zhejiang University First Hospital in eastern China to help her drop the giant kid off at the pool.

She said she was left barely able to get out of bed because the pain being caused by bloating in her stomach was so great.

Hua had been having issues with constipation for years – but it was a particular situation that couldn’t be sorted with laxatives that left her needing medical attention.

She had been in the sorry state for 10 days.

According to reports from local media, she looked pregnant she was so bloated by the time she showed up at the hospital.

Pressure had built up inside her body because of the enormous mass which had in turn made her breathing difficult.

Loved ones were able to feel the rock-hard turds inside her stomach by giving it a poke, and subsequently urged her to get help as quickly as possible.

When the monster poo was finally removed, docs found that one part was roughly the same size as a football.

The condition, Hirschsprung’s disease, causes poo to move extremely slowly or even get stuck as it moves along the intestines.

The jumbo dump that was finally removed and found to weigh 44 lbs, or 20 kilogrammes, and had been hardened by the body.

Hospital reports claim surgeons said it looked like a three-foot-long python, but Hua is now understood to be on the road to recovery.