‘The Man I Married Is No Longer There’ — Joke Silva Speaks On Olu Jacobs’ Health


‘The Man I Married Is No Longer There’ — Joke Silva Speaks On Olu Jacobs’ Health

Joke Silva, the ace Nollywood actress, says Olu Jacobs, her husband of 37 years, “is no longer there” but she still loves him.

In November 2021, the film star disclosed that Jacobs, 80, was battling dementia after pictures showed her husband had lost weight.

In a recent interview on the Nancy Isime show, Silva opened up on his deteriorating health and her struggles taking care of him.

Silva, 61, revealed that her relationship with Jacobs has become like that of “a daughter to a father”.

“I have to be very honest, it has not been easy. In the early years when it started we did not even realize that it has started,” she said.

“We were just like why are you behaving like this? But when the deterioration became a bit more rapid, I bore my eyes out.

“Then now came a point of acceptance that this is it. This is the reality. It is what it is. And it is almost like the person you married, 80 percent of the time is no longer there.

“But the thing is this, when he was there, he was an amazing man. And because my husband’s father is an incredible father to his children and an amazing husband, he was practically my best friend and I could share anything with him.

“You know in this journey now, it is like I am looking after my father. The husband I knew is no more there for me, but this man that is here is someone I still love but love in a different way.”

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