Things To Keep in Mind When Investing in Residential Property by Dennis Isong


Residential property is a subset of real estate investment, but it produces some of the highest returns in the industry. Its role and position in real estate investment tells the story and vividly explains why it is the most widely used estate investment. Not only can residential property be rented out for profit, but it also has to do with the construction of one’s temporary or permanent home.

When considering investing in this sub-sector, familiarity with its market trends is a must, as this will benefit you in the long run.

Residential real estate is currently competing with commercial real estate, despite the fact that the two are distinct in their own right. The former is known to be associated with wealthy investors and typically generates a sizable annual dividend, whereas the latter is far easier to manage, accessible, and start-up.

However, before embarking on this venture, which is investing in residential real estate, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind. As a property expert, these factors have assisted millions of real estate investors in generating profits far in excess of what is typically obtained in the market. Without further ado, here are some things to consider when investing in residential real estate.

⦁ The Residential Prospects of a City

The city in which the residential real estate is located is a major determinant of the amount generated both in the short and long term. The reason for this is the high volatility of the real estate market, which necessitates extra caution when trading. Vibrant, growing cities provide better benefits than calm, tranquil locations, which typically generate average income. Choosing the right city, on the other hand, is easier said than done. Most real estate experts agree that cities on the receiving end of rural-urban migration are more profitable than cities with low migration rates.When deciding on a city to invest in, the expat community also plays an important role; the majority of them often invest far more than the average price obtained from the property market.

However, before making the bold decision, keep in mind key decision-making factors such as industrial establishments, schools, job opportunities, social amenities, governmental and non-governmental organizations/establishments, hotels, recreational sites, and other noteworthy reflections. This is because real estate investments in developing areas are more secure, safe, and profitable than in remote areas.
⦁ Nearness to Socio-cultural Facilities

Apartments in cities near knowledge-based institutions such as schools, businesses, and technical institutes attract a large number of immigrants. This is due to the services that they will be provided with during their short or long-term stay. This factor is a component of the Micro-markets, which also includes other important units for analysis.

Furthermore, residential buildings located near a school or other source of knowledge tend to have higher migration rates than others. One factor that contributes to this is that some renters or investors relocate to a building because of its proximity to these destinations for the benefit of their relatives. The main disadvantage of investing in real estate in this area is the high cost involved in the process. Depending on the available capital of the involved property investor, this may or may not be a problem.

⦁ Spacing and Comfort
Comfort is one of the desirable living conditions desired by many property investors. Getting it through a poorly spaced building/apartment is a paradox that is less likely to occur.

When a tenant or buyer moves into an apartment with family members, the situation worsens. If the room is not large enough to accommodate all of them, there will be a problem (s). This is one of the reasons why design is so important in residential real estate investment.

According to events during the covid-19 pandemic, the majority of people were forced to go into lockdown due to the virus’s widespread prevalence. This incident, in particular, forced many families to stay at home together – and this occurred regardless of the size of the building. Some family members were understandably irritated, and some (though not all) expressed their displeasure on social media.

Furthermore, a large open deck space outside an apartment is important in case an individual or family wants to relax and sit out for leisure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many property investors move in with their household equipment (both small and heavy duty), appliances, and tools, all of which take up a lot of space. The availability of large rooms will alleviate the spacing issue and provide comfort to the involved home inhabitant.

⦁ Median Home Income of the City

When deciding where to locate a residential real estate, the factor of growth in household income of families living in a city should not be overlooked.

The “Median Household Income” metric is used to assess the development of each city. This factor is concerned with the average income of families living in a city and is what determines a city’s economic advantage over another.

Locations with a higher value are more viable for residential property investment than those with a lower value. One key method for determining the median household income is to examine the types of jobs available in a given city. The value of this income is higher in knowledge-driven destinations boosted by technology and ICT than in manufacturing areas.
Final Words
Residential property investment is one of the most profitable types of real estate investment. Though it typically yields significant profits, it is arguably the most difficult investment to manage. Residential estate requires proper and tactical planning, from deciding on the location to site the investment to available amenities. The ability to notice key and minor details is also essential in the process.

Nonetheless, considering the aforementioned factors will increase the likelihood of a profitable real estate investment as well as eliminate some of the problems that can arise from making ill-informed decisions.

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