TikTok lady explain why East African ladies prefer Nigerian men for sex (Video)


A TikTok user from East Africa: @Jima_m, has disclosed why East African women go to Nigerian men for sex.

@ _Jima_m stated that Nigerian men give them sexual pleasures, while stating that East African men have starved them.

She said: “This is a quick message from our East African girls to our Nigerian men.

“I don’t know where you get the idea that you come to us because you want to use us for your pleasure.

“Let me break it to you because we come to you because we want pleasure.

“Because to be honest our East African men have starved us.

“They don’t care if we are satisfied or get orgasm and this is what we want.

“That is why we are coming to you boo.

“If I am done having sex with you, I want my legs to be shaking like a leaf on the tree.

“Sometimes, we don’t want to let go but you know the reason now.”