UK Doctors Begin Strike Over Low Pay And Burnout


Junior doctors in the United Kingdom have commenced a four-day strike to protest low pay and worsening working conditions.

The British Medical Association (BMA) which represents doctors and medical students said junior doctors’ salaries have been slashed by more than a quarter over the last 15 years and have been worsened by the country’s inflation.

The BMA said its members voted overwhelmingly to strike.

UK Doctors Begin Strike Over Low Pay And Burnout

On Tuesday, doctors mounted picket lines outside hospitals from 7 am to run until Saturday morning in another unrest that has seen other health workers a part of in recent times.

SKYTREND NEWS had reported how nurses in the UK embarked on the first-ever and largest strike in its 106-year history to demand better pay.

Stephen Powis, national medical director of the National Health Service (NHS) in England, said the strike was very likely to cause unprecedented disruption in the health sector.

“This latest round of strikes will see unparalleled levels of disruption, and we are very concerned about the potential severity of impact on patients and services across the country,” Powis said.

“We’ve also asked (hospitals) to reschedule procedures and outpatients as quickly as possible but this will take weeks to recover from.”

About 350,000 appointments are expected to be cancelled during the four-day strike.

The BMA is asking for a 35 percent pay rise.

However, Steve Barclay, minister of health, said the demands were outrageous and accused the BMA of striking at a strategic time.

“Not only will the walkouts risk patient safety, but they have also been timed to maximise disruption after the Easter break,” he said.