UNICAL Law Students Call Out Faculty Dean For Sexual Harassment (Video)


UNICAL Law Students Call Out Faculty Dean For Sexual Harassment (Video)

Law students of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) have called out Cyril Ndifon, the dean of the faculty of law, over alleged sexual harassment.

In a now-viral video, the female students alongside their male colleagues were seen protesting in front of the institution’s faculty of law.

In the footage, the protesting students — clad in their white shirts and black skirts — were chanting “go”.

The students carried placards with disturbing inscriptions depicting “sexual assault and manipulation” by Ndifon.

Some of the inscriptions read “Professor Ndifon let the girls with big breasts breathe stop suffocating us”, “Enough of law school list manipulation”, and “Professor Ndifon must go for our sanity”.

In 2015, Ndifon was suspended for allegedly raping a 20-year-old student in his office.

The professor was however reinstated and reappointed as the dean of the institution’s faculty of law.

The management of the university is yet to issue a statement concerning the latest accusations — as of the time of this report.

There have been concerns regarding the surge in sexual assault allegations in Nigerian institutions in the past years, with lecturers accused of demanding sex from female students in exchange for good grades.

In 2021, Florence Obi, the vice-chancellor of UNICAL, urged the students to report cases of sexual harassment to the management.

“Some of these lecturers are old enough to be the grandparent of these children they harass; so the fight against sex for grades must be fought holistically,” she had said.