Why Regulators, Investors Should Embrace ESG Data Metrics


Some capital market experts have stressed the need for regulators and investors to key into Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data metrics.

This according to them can help build a strong governance foundation for organisation and enhance business ethics, increase stakeholder transparency and protect privacy.

The value of incorporating ESG data metrics for responsible investing was re-emphasized at a webinar tagged ‘Empowering Responsible Investing through Data Metrics and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Integration’ organised by Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Africa and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer, NGX, Mr. Popoola, stated that “As the sustainable Exchange championing Africa’s growth, Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) understands the pivotal role that ESG performance plays in ensuring a company’s long-term sustainability.

Why Regulators, Investors Should Embrace ESG Data Metrics

Fuelled by our commitment to foster the growth of long-term sustainable finance and promote the adoption of sustainable business practices among our listed companies, we unveiled the NGX Sustainability Disclosure Guidelines in 2019, working with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We have continued our engagement with GRI to promote the adoption of ESG reporting through The NGX Sustainability Disclosure Guidelines”, he added.

Sharing insights on the value of incorporating ESG data metrics for responsible investing, Darron Scorgie, Head of Africa, Signatory Relations, noted that “African investors are recognizing that their journey to a sustainable financial system is going to be a little different from developing markets, and are increasingly inching forward by considering investments in sustainable outcomes alongside their objectives for long-term financial returns”.

Dave Reubzaet, Director, Capital Markets also shared insights on the value of ESG integration for investors and regulators, stating, “for investors, ESG metrics is key to look at financial materiality and impact, and to put sustainability expectations and data in the context of emerging markets.

In addition, for regulators it is important to align as much as possible with existing sustainability standards, to create a global common language and metrics and to reduce the compliance burden, time and cost”.