Wife Forces Husband’s Lover To Do Domestic Chores After Catching Them


A South African woman forced her husband’s lover to clean the house and wash bed sheets after she reportedly caught her with her husband at home. According to South Africa’s Daily Sun, the wife forced the girlfriend to confess on camera and told her she had to compensate her by doing housework. First, she was given a cloth and bucket and told to scrub the floor. Then she was told to wash the bedsheets on which she had slept with the woman’s husband. “You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean,” said the wife in a video. READ ALSO: Why Chioma deleted her Instagram page —Davido In the video, the girlfriend was told to say she sleeps around with married men who have kids. Daily Sun said the video was shot in Pretoria, Tshwane, over the weekend. The girlfriend was later made to mop up her footprints on the ground with a cloth. PUNCH Contact Editor using editor@skytrendnews.com or call direct 0808 360 9209. READ ALSO! More Nigerians Becoming Extremely Poor, 40% Of World’s Poorest To Live There And Congo By 2050 READ ALSO! More Nigerians Now Living In Extreme Poverty — International Labour Congress READ ALSO! 10million More Nigerians Have Been Lifted From Poverty Under Buhari — Presidency Says READ ALSO! Buhari Reacts To Boko Haram’s Threat To Kill Leah Sharibu READ ALSO! More Nigerians Getting Killed, Getting Poorer, Hungrier Under Buhari’s Incompetent Regime — PDP READ ALSO! More Nigerians Have Been Murdered In Attacks Since January More Than Entire 2017 — Amnesty International READ ALSO! 10million More Nigerians Have Been Lifted From Poverty Under Buhari — Presidency Says READ ALSO! More Nigerians Travelling Out Due To Economic Hardship, Over 500,000 Since 2016 READ ALSO! The Smart CEO: Top 5 Websites To Get Cheap Domain Name Registration READ ALSO! More Nigerians In Kano, Katsina Now Using Hard Drugs — Group Says READ ALSO! More Nigerians Dying Hourly From Tuberculosis, 18 Every Hour — WHO READ ALSO! Between GoDaddy And Namecheap: Making The Best Choice For Domain Name Registrar READ ALSO! Nigeria Couples: Now You Can Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You; SEE 11 SURE Ways ]]>