World’s Oldest Hippopotamus Dies At 65


Donna, who died in 2012 at the age of 62 at the US Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden in Evansville, Indiana, was previously said to be the world’s oldest hippo, according to media reports at the time. Two years ago, an adult male hippo named Bertie was euthanised at the Denver Zoo in Colorado at the age of 58, the reports said. The common hippopotamus of sub-Saharan Africa faces a “high risk of extinction in the wild” from habitat loss and illegal hunting for meat and ivory from its teeth, according to the Swiss-based International Union for Conservation of Nature. Bertha’s death leaves Mali, a 43-year-old Asian elephant, as the oldest remaining animal among some 500 residents at the Manila Zoo, Dichaves said. Animal rights groups around the world have called for Mali, an adult female elephant, to be retired from the zoo and sent to a Thai sanctuary in a seven-year campaign, alleging it suffered from cruelty and loneliness. However, the country’s environment department eventually allowed the zoo to keep the elephant after experts ruled it was healthy and said it was uncertain how Mali would react to the other elephants at the Thai sanctuary, Dichaves said. To Receive Free News Updates, Add To Your WhatsApp: 08033857245; For Adverts Enquiries, Call 08083609209, To Publish Your Articles Or News Stories, Email ]]>