2019 Election: Why APC Is Not Campaigning – Timi Frank


Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Timi Frank, has stated that the ruling party is not campaigning because it was already aware that it would lose the general election. The former APC spokesperson expressed confidence that there would be a repeat of the defeat of the ruling party in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria. Frank said Africans, all over the continent are tired of all dictators as leaders, hence the defeat of Joseph Kabila’s preferred candidate in DR Congo at the just concluded presidential election. In a statement Frank signed on Friday in Abuja, he commended the people of Congo for their courage and strong desire in the face of intimidation by the government of Joseph Kabila-led ruling party, expressing confidence that Nigeria will experience similar feat in next month’s presidential election. According to Frank, the outgoing President Kabila was far brutal than President Muhammad Buhari, but the will of the people defeated him and sent his party packing. Frank warned INEC to emulate the electoral body in Congo by refusing all forms of pressure from the APC and cabals in the presidency to rig the forthcoming elections. “It is obvious that the ruling APC will lose the coming presidential election and that is why the party is not bothered on the reasons to the campaign. “Although left for Buhari, he would have preferred returning to Daura peacefully but being a man who is not always in charge of anything, the cabals had to force him into a strange democratic path. “We are using this medium to warn INEC and all those who might be thinking of doing anything contrary to the will of Nigerians to drop it now because the majority of Nigerians will reject the Cabals in Nigeria in the coming presidential election through the ballot,” Frank stated. While warning the INEC chairman not to set the country ablaze through what he described as evil agenda to rig the election, Frank also demanded for separate accreditation of voters on election day with the figures recorded, announced and issued to political parties’ agent before voting. “Already, we are in the know that the INEC chairman has been promised an oil-block at a secret meeting with Buhari in presidential Villa, if he delivers the re-election of the President but he will be doing that to set the country ablaze.” The political activist also challenged the head of the electoral umpire to tell Nigerians and the world where he got over N300 million he allegedly shared to some Civil Society Organizations and political parties for them to support his plot to impose a rigging plan on them. “I want to call on the international community and the National Assembly to thoroughly investigate the allegations that the INEC chairman shared more than N300 million with CSOs and some political parties to seek their support. We know that this money, if true, is not budgeted for and Nigerians were not told that such money will be given to CSOs and parties. So, for transparency sake, we demand an explicit explanation now.” DAILY POST]]>