Affairs With Favour: The 'Container' Or The 'Content' – Part 2


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Earlier this week, I started on this topic and the first part centered on the Ladies. Today we will focus on the men.
What are those things ladies look out for in men?
Do they go for the Container (the outward appearance)?
Do they go for the Content (the inward appearance)?
It is not surprising to know ladies of nowadays place their priorities mostly on what their eyes can see in a man.
Some of the things they look out for include:
The size of the man's pocket
The man's physique like his height, complexion, how muscular his hands, chests and thighs are
But the questions still remain….
Are those things aforementioned the ultimate?
Will any relationship built on these qualities thrive?
What about trying to know if that same man who has recently made you to always smile to the bank, is tolerant, patient, loving, caring, and understanding.
Why not try to find out his attitude towards people, the way he handles issues and the way he sees others..
I still maintain its very imperative for a woman to take careful observation of the man she intends spending the rest of her life with.
She should look past the physical features and appearance ( the content) because any relationship built on only on the physical features wont stand the test of time.
Like i mentioned in the previous article, no matter how decorated a container is, it becomes useless if the content is worthless.
So ladies, be wise and make wise decisions. Don't forget all that glitters is not gold.
Happy weekend!
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