Affairs With Favour: The Need For Trust In A Relationship


Trust means that you have placed your confidence and faith in your partner and expect honesty,integrity,loyalty,respect and to keep promises made.
It is the belief that somebody is good,sincere and will not try to harm you or decieve you.could take years to develop but a relationship based on trust will stand the test of time,cos love and trust are like twins,one can't exist without the other!! Nevertheless trust don't just happen,it has to be earned.
People tend to dwell on lack of trust because of a past experience, hurt,heartbreak,disappointment,deceit,let down…thus the heart becomes blocked and not willing to open up for anybody.
where as relationship is like been naked because you share your passions,desires,secrets,weaknesses, fears..It is from two different people with a past and experience.
When you don't trust your partner enough,you tend to keep things from him for fear of not been sure what he would do when he come to know some deap things about you.
A relationship with no trust is like a cell phone with no service,all you can do is play games,it is like a car with no fuel,you can stay in it all you want but it won't go anywhere.When trust has been earned,don't break it cos it could take forever to repair again.
Be reliable
Be stable
Mean what you say
Have faith in your partners abilities and capabilities
Be open and transparent with each other
Keep no secrets from each other
Keep her secrets only to yourself
Confide in each other
Share your desires and goals
Learn to apologize
Learn to forgive
Spend quality time with eachother 
Trust cannot be maintained if you are doing sth behind your partners back like cheating,double dating,flirting…your partner might find out eventually and the trust will be broken and destroyed..And once trust is gone,it can never come back,there will always be a bit of doubt in place of complete trust,also lies and deceit could destroy trust…In order to succeed at love,you must build trust in your relationship.

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