Google appoints Nigerian Alex Okosi as MD for Africa

Google appoints Nigerian Alex Okosi as MD for Africa
Google appoints Nigerian Alex Okosi as MD for Africa

Google has appointed Alex Okosi, currently serving as the Managing Director for YouTube in EMEA Emerging Markets, as the new Managing Director for Google in Africa.

In his new role, Okosi will oversee Google’s operations in Africa, with a focus on programs aimed at fostering business growth and economic development on the continent.

He will also work to expand internet access and provide tools to enhance the online experience for the next billion users in Africa.

Alex Okosi appointed Google’s Africa managing director

Okosi is well-positioned to drive these initiatives, drawing upon his extensive knowledge of African countries and his commitment to leveraging technology to empower individuals and businesses across the continent.

Meir Brand, Vice President of EMEA Emerging Markets at Google, expressed confidence in Okosi’s ability to lead, citing his proven leadership and wealth of experience in the media and technology sectors.

Brand also noted Okosi’s deep understanding of African countries and his dedication to using technology as a catalyst for positive change.

In response to his appointment, Okosi expressed his excitement about leading Google’s team in Africa and being intimately involved with the diverse and dynamic region.

He emphasized his belief in the potential of technology, particularly the internet, to enhance lives and support the growth of individuals and businesses throughout Africa.

With this appointment, Google aims to strengthen its commitment to the African continent and leverage Okosi’s expertise to drive meaningful impact in the region’s digital landscape.