An Open Letter To President Elect Bola Tinubu


By Obideyi Olanrewaju Lobinco

Dear President elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I am using the medium to congratulate you on victory at the polls.

Truth is I don’t agree with your victory and this is because I don’t see you as the best candidate for Nigeria at this time we are facing as much challenge as we are now.

Part of the unlimited reasons which makes your victory at the just concluded polls a huge disappoint for me and I believe for a large chunk of progressive thinking Nigerians can be found in the 5th series of my 2023 election articles, where I without any regret and with all sense of responsibility endorsed the candidacy of Mr Peter Obi and solicited the votes of Nigerians at the polls.

In case you missed it, here’s a link for your perusal. 2023 Election Series 5 (THE FINAL SERIES)

However, irrespective of my disappointment at how the polls have turned out, I am not out of consonance that all powers belongs to God, and He in his infinite wisdom shares it as he pleases all for the purposes of his glorification.

In my hearts of heart, I wish Mr Peter Obi will challenge your victory at the courts and give you a tough fight more than he gave you going into the polls, and probably get victory at the courts, but like I said and which I concur to in my first series on the 2023 election, Providence is a Nigerian and I know Providence has a reason for granting you this victory at this time.

Who am I to antagonise Providence?

It is simply on this premise that I am congratulating you, and promising you that I am on the sidelines to be one of your biggest critic, though you can be sure I will always be a fair critic.

Asiwaju, sir please know you do not have to wait till May 29 before you start rubbing balm on the excruciating pain your kind of politics and political party has unleashed on Nigerians, except privileged politicians and cronies.

I sincerely pray from my hearts of heart that Providence will give you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to set Nigeria on the path to greatness which she truly deserves and not set you up as an example like King Saul in the Bible.

Your victory unlike past victories of your predecessors since our return to democracy is making us divided more than we’ve ever been, both inter and intra tribally, religiously, and ideologically as a people.

Never has a Nigerian president-elect had more work to do in uniting the country than this time.

I pray, that as long as this victory is one given to you by the most supreme God, may your time be one that soothes our pain and groaning as a people.

I pray your time will be one that draws applauses from me and Nigerians, but be certain I will always say it the way I see it.

I hope this letter gets to you.

Obideyi Olanrewaju Lobinco is a passionate Nigerian Youth.