Biafra: A Right To Self Determination – A Referendum Is The Way To Go, By Olulana Alofe


I have refrained from posting on the agitation for Biafra because as a Yoruba indigene, I feel it is unfair of me to put myself in the shoes of people from Igbo extraction no matter how much I empathize with them. No one can lay claim to another person's experience.
The history of others is never ours to own. We can admire, empathize or even pity but we do not own the experience and cannot claim to understand what is borne out of it.
However, this comment by oga Ayoola Oke on Femi Adeoya 's post about the issue sums up my opinion on it.
"Just a few points to note for accuracy sake…
First one or two of the Southeast States have crude oil deposits. There is also crude oil deposit in the Southwest including in Ondo state ascertained in Lagos state and off shore the coast of Southwest.
Secondly, The South-south region have ethnic Igbo tribes including the Ikwerres (who own Portharcourt and the have Rotimi Amaechi as a son) and the Anioma-Igbos, including the Onichas (Ukwu, Ugbo, Olona and Milo) who are direct brothers of Ontisha in the Southeast known as Onitsha-Ado.
The only question is if the people's of the south-south including or excluding the Igbos want want to be part of the Southeast
We should also not assume yet without a regional referendum that a majority of Southeasterners want a Biafra Republic.


In my opinion ethnic right to self determination is a logical extension to human rights and thus is a legitimate desire that should not attract condemnation, bitterness or attack."