APC: Fighting For Booty Or Fighting To Deliver?, By Perry Brimah


Remember this joke? “Master, master, Shaolin is fighting in the temple!” Master replies, “he chop bele-full be that.”
I am tempted to ask, why are the APC fighting all over the place? Backstabbing for senate and house leadership, throwing blows and rejecting to shake hands. Raising issues of “federal character” and what have you. Are these legislators desperate for these offices because they wish to deliver to Nigeria from the capacity of the positions, or are they fighting for personal ambition and self-aggrandizement? You chose the second, right? I did too. 
APC won the last general elections and there is much spoils of war to be shared. And like gladiators of Rome, they are throwing blows for the bounty. Did I say bounty? Perhaps booty is a better word. Booty meaning loot. The plundered commonwealth of the masses. Yes, we are still on about that N150 billion. I used to respect some senators; in fact I have defended the actions of some against all odds including controversial persona like Zamfara’s Ahmed Yerima. My position on the facts remain the same, eg- the age/biological definitions of the use of the word, ‘paedophilia.’ And the cultural defines of maturity, viz-a-viz, “coming of age” as against colonial indoctrination. But in character, I despise Yerima more than you do. I have lost every ounce of respect for any Nigerian who has been a legislator in the past 16 years. Except you donated 90% of your earnings openly to the public; you are simply a helpless and shameless thief and sponsor of terror.
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There is no explanation for N150 billion ($1 billion) being divided by 469 men in secret—they being conscious and too ashamed of their criminality to make public their books. None whatsoever. Even the Roman wicked were not so callous. While the nation wallowed in poverty, suffering and disgrace, these assemblymen and other benefactor executives swallow sums of money that can only be dreamed of with no moral justification for their earnings in work done. Sitting at that senate three days a week if at all and barely passing bills. So what are the
APC senators squabbling for? Booty just as their PDP predecessors enjoyed or are they trying to resolve Boko Haram terror and impeach any president if and when he fails to act and act responsibly? Are they fighting for advantageous positions to cut up that stupendous budget, or positions to help Nigeria hold to account their very congress, the executives, the judiciary, the service chiefs, the NNPC, CBN, police and all other elements and institutions of the nation? 
I bet none of these people toggling over these positions have for a minute thought about a plan for Nigeria’s millions of dying and suffering. #ScrapTheSenate: of course and half of the
Representatives need to go along with them. They legalized corruption by simply setting their earnings in the billions formally, and turned running the nation into a personal business… using state money to officially pay for their politics and their sponsorship of political thugs and terrorists. I always ask, why do they have to steal for their children and children’s children?
Are they expecting their offspring to be as hopeless and useless as they? Send your kids to school and teach them virtues and the value of hard work and you will not have to embarrass yourself stealing for them so.
A Storm Is Brewing
Rising today from another meeting of several right activist groups and concerned individuals harmonizing to wage the battle against the senate, RMAFC, MDGP (Millennium Development Goals Programme), and all other bodies responsible for setting politician and public officer earnings, budgets and allocations, I assure these congressmen fighting for whatever real reason it is that another fight is coming. We will fight this war against them at home and abroad. Nigeria is ready to fight for its survival and wage a thorough and final war against all enormous emoluments. We will make public office so unattractive and risky of harassment, disgrace and conviction, these legislators will opt not to serve. For the first time we will see senators and reps resign from office. 
On a note, it is interesting to see that these legislooters had 20:20 foresight. That’s why they forced and threatened to impeach Jonathan in his last month in office for him to sign that self-fulfilling bill… remember that bill that had in it, life pension, immunity and power over the president? Yes, they were desperate to have Jonathan sign it before Buhari came in for the reason that they knew that between Buhari on the top and us at the bottom, their days as indignant legislooters were numbered.
I am a medical doctor. Why am I all of a sudden learning all this about politics, legislation, national finances and the like? You turned us all into advocates and you will reap what you have sowed. I promise you.
Am I an angry man? Of course I am. I only have to think of the Chibok girls being raped and impregnated in Sambisa as we speak, because these FCT kakistocrats cared less and did nothing but amass 25% of Nigeria’s common wealth and my eyes flame-up. And if you are not angry, you should get a thermostat check.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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