As New Year Yells, By Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga


(Dedicated to late Miss Victoria Uyoyo Igbuwe)
The people you meet today 
Make your tomorrow 
By uprooting ailing actions of yesterday 
Weed away every seed of sorrow… 
Plant light on dark faces 
For fellows to follow 
Any time, any place, any race in life’s phases
Your deeds should be diamonds to borrow 
So your name shall conjure joyful tears 
As time travel the track of yelling years… 
Wind triangles
As I swallow opponents' stones and bullets 
Like infant eating sand on astral play ground,
As I walk on silky skeletons of wind's baskets
In molecular music of esoteric bands around,
As I kiss carcass of oozing anger from dancing caskets
In scatter-graph of tears like a hungry baby boy,
Let me see how sun's voice will echo from now
As bitter volcanoes seem sleepy like a pampered toy,
Did they drink the thunders of our adjectives, pronouns and nouns?
It is not yet over as the cookies hover
Until the dividends pull over.
Internet paroxysm 
Far away in your lines I pick milky mourns 
Milky mourns, oh milky mourns! 
Milky mourns from your yonder comes 
Cresting to plant with my Cupid corns 
Cupid corns, oh Cupid corns! 
In your pot’s musical melting mourns 
That lets me let go more thrilling tons 
Thrilling tons, oh thrilling tons! 
Though I am threatened by a ghastly giggling gun 
I will never surrender the molten run 
Till in your crevices it sprays warmful bubbling burns 
Before the eager eyes of moon or smiling sun 
Settling in stream of gorgeous glinting gold 
Banishing every grips of coughing cracking cold 
With emerald embers of lingering lovely load 
Brewing hot tempests in your needy veins 
I will never fail to always send down my rains 
Milky rains, oh milky rains! 
Through the Internet abstract train. 
Stylistics scatter-graph
Bubbling on, bubbling on, bubbling on scribes
Are you from prose, poetry, drama tribes?
Let the feelings flow as it grows
In nouns, pronouns, verbs of inky crows
Does only one road marry a market?
Or must only a particular fruit kiss a basket?
Let no whirling wind pin you down
Nor rain or sun steals your crown
With critical bombs of any style
Dance as you could all the while
In steps you may spin anytime
As rhyme or blank verse is no crime
Flow like time and let the world crack
Drinking corrections but never falling back
As you are the oracle of your line
Some would sing, while others banish its wine
Do all spirits eat the same food
Swallowing music flowing bad or good?
Is any self-acclaimed gas a monopolist
Of wisdom in parambulating air the universalist?
Let no angel question how you fly
Spreading wings as limitless as the sky,
Let the highest Oracle be the judge
And hold nobody a grudge
In this endless learning crystalline stream
We come and go like a dream…
Why I am a fool
I am a fool who vomits thunder and people ponder
How I pick secrets in airy wander,
I am a fool who like saying the truth
No dubious mind will like eating its fruits,
I am a fool people always seek his opinion
On how to garnish soup with tasty onion,
I am a fool who has no money
But enjoys honey from folks I helped on a journey,
I am a fool who like helping others
But in the end some lifted me to success further,
I am a fool some people took for granted
And cheated, mocked, but they became disappointed,
I am a fool some geniuses looked down upon
And lost their re-election bid return,
I am a fool who is stupidly honest
And mortals wonder how I pack prophetic conquests,
I am a fool who use no money to buy ladies
Yet some reasonably fight to born his babies,
I am a fool who came to life’s market
To sculpture great words to live forever on time’s basket,
I am a fool who is not lily livered about death
Because right from birth I have been wearing her shirt,
I am a fool not overzealous about material things
Because after my spirit discharge, they become dustbins,
For all the above reasons and more, I am a fool;
Would you like to enroll in my foolish school?
Na so Life be?
(Dedicated to late Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin,
the original originator of free education programme in Nigeria)
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Everybodee everybodee
I beg make una come see,
So na so life be?
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
One day na so I just dey stroll for heaven
N a im I look one morning around eleven
I come see say dem dey stone Steven
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
I jump from there into one womb
Sake of say I wan save Steven from tomb
I come swim out come see baby things and comb
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
I come tall quick-quick to join the first eleven
Small small I come reach ten plus seven
And just dey enjoy life like say I dey heaven
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
But evil genius come out like magician dey fire gun
Kiti kata kiti kata everybody come dey run
Na since that time na im suffer start to burn
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Oh, I no know say for this country na so life be
I for kuku sit down for heaven under one tree
Where electricity, good roads and many things na tax-free
Kpoko kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko
Kpoko kpoko
Dim dim kpoko…
I no send
Na wa , na wa, na wa for this life
You dey do good but some wan stab you with knife
If dem no succeed dem go wan take your wife,
I beg my people this life full with strife…
But if God dey with you, you go dey gabonise* dey go
That is why I no dey fail to always flow
As prose, drama and poetry dey rain every cock crow
Even though some people no like as I dey show
That is why I say make I sing this song
Whether e go make changes for this Mungo Park town
Where everyday things just dey go wrong
As hot bombs just dey blow from air-condition and fan
My people for this Mungo Park town
Mungo Park, Mungo Park, Mungo Park town,
I no know why some like to pull others down
But their face dey smile yet inside belle dey frown
Some dey jealous you many years you no know
But one day their bad belle go show
As dem wan measure shoulders as you dey grow
And come dey pose like roasted ekaka* smell dey flow
But as for me I no send, I no send
Because my mind dey straight and no bend
Though I no dey pretend to church every weekend
God dey with me always as Him comprehend
For this reason I just dey gabonise* dey go
Gabonise, gabonise, gabonise dey go
As God know say I no send for this Mungo Park town,
Mungo Park, Mungo Park, Mungo Park town
Yet dem never see anything
This na just the beginning
By the time when me and God go dey sing
I know say every second my phone go dey ring…
Make una, make una, make una come see
Make una come see and see and see
Make una come see
As I dey bubble like a bee… 
(Dedicated to any lady who truly loves me)  
Each time 
I see you beaming like a sallying sun 
Gives me comely come 
Each time 
I drink tickles of your voice 
Sets me afire, nestling on your milky-hill toys 
Swimming my heart with rivers of joy 
Each time 
Anointed by your thermal triangle 
Gives rebirth to formerly lost electric tentacles 
Each time 
Robed in your smiling sly 
I never want to say good bye 
Each time 
Recounting how I deftly dine 
Crevices of your warm wet wine 
I know angels will never decline 
Each time every time 
You will always be mine 
You will always be mine 
Till we earthward recline. 
Who owns God? 
(Dedicated to all who lost their lives 
during religion riots worldwide)
Oh God, Chineke, Allah, 
Edumare, Oghene, Jehovah, 
Osonobrughweh and all 
They call and call! 
Art thou, Oh Jehovah! 
A Christian, Muslim, Buddhist? 
Quench this agama nods 
Of many sects 
Who fight, cry fight 
Over superior ownership 
Of Thee, like fishes 
In the sea claiming ship 
Oghene biko answer! 
Appear and declare Thyself! 
Do fishes build ship? 
An amazon and an orator
(Dedicated to all EFCC staff)
When wind is walking with bitter laughter
Can there be no cupboard skeletons it is chasing after?
When some angels were milking the giant dry
The floor was jumping with Mathematical paradise chatter
Resonating with Bauchi-like bombs of ‘hi’ and ‘nay’ alacrity,
But the chief engineer of nay and hi
Is now a rocket of illusion in Arithmetical absence of wonder;
Today it is “I don’t like sun,” tomorrow maybe “road is gritty,”
Or has he lost his vocal chords?
Wind is seriously dancing to the contrary
And the former orator is searching for words
Would it be a question of time before the trial is history?
The eagle may have many reasons to keep hovering in sky
But now an amazon is tearing sky asunder
Can ‘hi’ and ‘nay’ forever swim air with audacity?
Green horns in queue right now, pick a leaf
And employ hi and nay no more to dry treasury
But invest resources for milky motions for masses relief…
Flying weapons
(Dedicated to President Goodluck Ebele Jonthan)
Like airborne wool their arrows flew in vain
Drenched by storm like beasts devoid of brain
Swarming like bees on the etheric realm
The highest Oracle set fire among them
Like cocks and sparrows crowing here and there
I drink every evil plan they plant in front and rear
As I walk gorgeously on wind unseen and seen
For before the world’s being, the word has been
In vain your arrows, spears and sticks fly in field of spirits
Naked to wind’s eyes the greatest diviner of all secrets
Baring all murderous thoughts to day light
As bats unearth all archives of night
O drawn daggers! Are you animals in human form?
Why, with all your learning you still beat hatred/killing drum?
Higher is the one in me than that in the world
He is king of kings and the greatest Lord;
I am the insurmountable tidal wave of the sea
Swallow this henceforth and let me be…
Must heaven fall because you lost?
(Dedicated to all youth corpers and innocent Nigerians
who lost their lives in recent post-election violence, 2011)
Sorry that you lost
And now wallowing in the heavy cost
But there could be another time
You may be king in clime
Sorry that you lost
And the crown may not grant you host
Depending on how you played the game,
Did you at all cost tried to get king lame?
Sorry that you lost
In the intoxicative game of power lust
But is it enough to break the Ostrich’s neck?
Must you invite thunder to cause ship wreck?
Sorry that you lost
Though the defeat is worst
If you have some brain
You could donate diamond ideas for manna rain
Sorry that you lost
But may still kiss a post
If humble enough to plant an Olive branch
In reigning crown rail and ranch
Sorry that you lost
But remember, the Oracle is just
Even if you had won, you are still a loser
None at last shall take a pin to everlasting sleeper.
The slumping Eagles
Hail you flying birds! 
Glittering in the sky, 
Freely freely freely 
Like angels in air 
You flew and fly 
Unopposed by the sky; 
Helping souls reach 
Destinations very brief, 
But I wonder why 
You crash and die 
So rampantly these days; 
For living birds flying 
Don’t strike heads on trees 
Nor are they preys 
To cardiac arrest 
Which make you rest 
With broken pieces of souls 
To see-me-no-more-land, 
Oh flying birds! I love to fly 
With you 
But fears to die 
In you. 
Mungo Park disciples 
The fingers of our ancestors 
Were in pots healing us 
With aromatic flavours 
Of nature in our Aso Rock huts 
Though looking ramshackle 
But never falls like a fowl on one leg; 
Then the claimers came to play pranks 
On us with paternoster of holiness 
Flowing like River Niger 
From the hearts of their white skins 
To raid, rape, scramble and scatter 
Our virgin wealth so pure to them 
More than the bodies bearing them. 
Cancer went asleep 
Fever went asleep 
All sickness were sick and asleep 
By the fingers of our ancestors 
In clays we drank from 
Until paternoster prowlers with envy 
As voracious as the sea 
Drove all to dustbins, 
Preaching they are unclean 
And cannot cure 
And so they lure and lure and lure 
Us to bury our ancestral roots, 
We foolishly follow, follow them. 
Oh Africans! The ancestors are crying! 
Now is their clarion call to prove your worth 
Oh Africa! And seize number one slot 
In relay of conglomeration of continents 
Battling to punch and prison AIDS, 
Employ the ancestors’ fingers 
Which did call bullets from bodies, 
Call AIDS now to dance to your command. 
Follow not the ranting of "ranters" 
Claiming to be doctors-know-all, 
Make the wiseacres fame fall 
By commanding diseases to flee 
Into seas and perish like demons 
Did obey Mary’s son, 
For the ancestors are annoyed 
Knocking on your hearts door 
As you dance puppetry like puppets 
To green snakes whose métier 
Is to drain your living matter 
Only to give you again as aid to Africans 
Like Mungo Park did the Niger. 
Oh Africa! 
The Mungo Parks gives nothing 
New to you, all you have been 
Receiving are your recycled resources; 
Oh Africa! Beware of the Mungo Parks!
Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga, is an award-winning poet, journalist, novelist, songwriter and playwright. He holds a B.Sc in Mass Communication, from the University of Lagos, and M.Sc in the same discipline, from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). He also holds a Diploma in Theology from Emmaus Bible School, Dublin, Ireland. He is the first and probably the only Nigerian author in the history of Nigerian authors creative writers, whose book titled “Rhymes from the Nile” is the first that ever received a presidential recognition from Aso Rock, in 2007.He has been teaching Literature-in-English at both secondary and post-secondary levels over a decade. A book reviewer and Consultant-Editor to many Nigerian writers, some of his works have been read live by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America (VOA), China Radio International (CRI), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA 2 Channel 5), Radio Netherland (RN), and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), etc.His works have been published and are also being currently published by various national and international newspapers and magazines. He is the author of “Dynamic Verses” (Poetry, 2001); “Rhymes from the Nile” (Poetry for younger readers, 2006); “When the King cries and other stories” (Short stories, 2007); “Fundamentals of Literature-in-English” (2011); “Domestic Daddy” (Novel, 2012); “Nightmares in Paradise (Poetry, 2013); and “Passport To Success” (Drama 2014), etc.
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