Assets microfinance bank introduces affordable salary loans

Assets microfinance bank introduces affordable salary loans
Assets microfinance bank introduces affordable salary loans

Assets Microfinance Bank has introduced Assets Salary Plus Loans, aiming to provide accessible and affordable financial support to salary earners in Lagos, Nigeria, amidst the challenging economic conditions.

With the rising cost of living, individuals and businesses often struggle to meet their financial needs.

Assets Microfinance Bank, known for its innovative financial solutions, seeks to address this issue by offering salary loans at competitive rates.

This new service aims to offer salary earners a reliable source of funds to bridge financial gaps when needed.

Affordable salary loans for Nigerians

Mr. Obinwanne Mordi, the Deputy Managing Director of Assets Microfinance Bank, expressed optimism about the product, emphasizing the bank’s commitment to providing accessible and convenient financial services.

Assets Microfinance Bank’s SalaryPlus loan offers competitive rates, minimal paperwork, zero collateral requirements, and flexible repayment options.

This initiative aims to empower individuals to address their financial needs without being overwhelmed by increasing costs.

In a challenging economic climate, Assets Microfinance Bank is offering Lagos residents the opportunity to pursue their dreams without the usual financial stress.

For more information on accessing affordable salary loans, interested individuals can visit or call 07062928516 to get started.