Atiku: No Tears For Cries Of Marginalization And Attempts To Wash A Pig

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Atiku: No Tears For Cries Of Marginalization And Attempts To Wash A Pig

By Olulana Alofe

WHEN President Muhammadu Buhari DEFEATS Abubakar Atiku in the 2019 presidential election (expect this to happen) and he sets up his second-term government, NO ONE should cry about MARGINALIZATION WHEN they do not get ‘JUICY’ posts BEYOND those which the constitution decrees. It is ridiculous to expect the SAME POLITICAL TREATMENT with respect to a seat at the table when you do not support the man with the high chair at that table. Only in Nigeria do we see this assumption of entitlement.

Supporters of the VICTORIOUS GLADIATOR get the BEST seats at the table. President Trump giving Ben Carson A SEAT (not a juicy one please) should explain this to you. If it does not, count how many OLD WHITE MEN have been appointed to IMPORTANT posts in his government and compare to other demographics. No one is shouting that Trump should resign because of this in the democracy Nigeria copied its own from. Instead, those who do not like what he is doing are planning to unseat him. It is an expected trend in a political world! So, when your candidate loses next year, plan to win in 2023, or is that why attacks on Vice President Osinbajo, the heir apparent, are escalating now? A play for 2023?

Understand this fact. President Buhari DOES NOT have to put people from a particular tribe in positions which are left to his DISCRETION to show he is following FEDERAL CHARACTER or has an inclusive government. If he wants, they can ALL BE MUSLIMS from the Northwest and it will be constitutional. He will not do this though from what we know of him. HE HAS NOT. What he cannot do is ignore FEDERAL CHARACTER in constitutionally mandated posts which he has NOT DONE. An ‘INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT’ is not of anybody’s private definition. This is very different from projects which will be tackled all over the nation like the government is doing right now.

So, as you put ALL YOUR EGGS IN ATIKU’S FLIMSY BASKET, be ready to gather them after that basket breaks. Eventually, you will learn that TRUE BROAD-BASED COALITIONS (not pseudo associations set up just to wrest power from one individual) are what wins elections and not some assumption of being owed. If you decide to roll with Atiku, you should be prepared to end up in the ditch with Atiku. Now, being in the seat of opposition is also a noble cause. Much can be achieved from that lower seat IF those sitting there eschew selfish motives and use their power no matter how LIMITED, for lifting up the people. Their own people included.

Apparently, PDP is not yet ready to lead Nigeria after almost destroying the FABRIC OF THE NATION in its sixteen-year period of waste! Let it show Nigerians TRUE REPENTANCE by not pushing the likes of Atiku as a ‘saviour’ for Nigerians! Ambition is not enough. It must be spiced with good intentions and humility which can be exposed using the searchlight of ANTECEDENTS. Atiku’s are bad. Really, really bad! The man reeks of bad intentions. The way he emerged as PDP’s flag bearer is instructive! Read the signs. They are in BOLD LETTERING! Do not be deceived!

You can wash a pig but it is still a pig and will go back to the mud which made it dirty. Those who try to wash a pig must as a matter of course, get dirty as well. I know this as I used to wash pigs in my secondary school pig farm back in the day. PDP is still the PDP we knew from what we see of it today. Atiku is still the same Atiku we knew regardless of Obasanjo’s pardon which Nigeria did not send him to give. Both are still dirty. You think Buhari’s administration is a BAD LOOKING CHICKEN? Pigs are much worse! Worse than GOATS which eat yams too! PIGS WILL EAT EVERYTHING AND GROW VERY FAT! You want fat pigs like Napoleon and Snowball leading you? Read George Orwell’s ‘ANIMAL FARM’ if you do not understand the reference. Now, should you belong to the subset of humanity who have not yet read the book, especially those living in Nigeria, know this please,… HALF OF YOUR LIFE IS ALREADY GONE! Please, salvage the other half. Read ‘Animal Farm’! ?

A word is enough for the wise as we say.

On a lighter note. Please, what was PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, ATIKU ABUBAKAR complaining about when he said his plane (and him I guess) was searched after returning from Dubai by security agents? I read somewhere that it was RAIDED actually! Do not laugh please! This is serious business apparently! Is it not normal procedure to do a search of people arriving from foreign lands at a port of entry or was he allowed to leave and enter Nigeria without being searched before? If he was, we know how Nnamdi Kanu left Nigeria then. All those private jets ehn!

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