Before You Defend Gov. El-Rufai, By Ikechukwu Iroha


The anger really hits you like a shot in the back. That's what you get when you are misled by a wolf in sheep's clothing. I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit.
Social media was awash last week with the news by the Union newspaper. To set the record straight , it wasn't about the assets declared, rather the person behind the assets. It wouldn't be a much ado if such affluence was declared by Tinubu or Atiku.
While we await the fireworks against the Union newspaper, I wish to state some reasons why I believe the story by the union newspaper . Nigerians are watching with keen interest. Union newspaper is never daunted by any legal war.
We have over the years believed in El-rufai's integrity posture, so therefore, it was a shock to many Nigerians that such revelation was not only made but the Union went ahead to reiterate their stand on the news.
El-rufai like any other Nigerian has the right under section 43 of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria to acquire and own immovable properties anywhere in the country. The question is arising from the reason why  El- rufai has kicked against those in power that have such enormous wealth.
El-rufai's bootlickers have mawkishly defended him without finding out the truth behind the news. While performing his duty as a paid agent, the governor's spokesperson Mr Samuel Aruwan jumbled the whole story when he said " Elrufai is a privileged Nigerian , he is a chattered quantity surveyor early in life and became a dollar millionaire in his twenties" . 
The statement above only justified any amount El-rufai must have declared. Testing the water at its best.
While defending his work, Tom Cochrane opined that betrayal leads to failure and I seem to have a better understanding of what he meant in this case. Hear him " Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, and trading on your own integrity and not having dignity in life, that's really where failure comes" . I pray Elrufai  takes a cue from the above statement.
We always have a way of remembering the past. In 2008, the Nigeria senate after an investigation found #32 billion ($217 million, £138 million as at that time) was missing from the accounts of the federal capital territory which runs Nigeria's capital, Abuja. He was thereafter declared wanted by EFCC. The commissions PRO then Mr Femi Babafemi  said that Elrufai was wanted for abuse of office and misappropriation of fund to the tune of #32 billion. 
I was going to turn a blind eye on the latest declaration if not for Elrufai's " holier than thou" attitude. 
Taking into accounts billions of contracts he got from the former CBN governor now Emir of Kano. Elrufai may worth more than what Union newspaper exposed.
Wikileaks in 2011 reported that upon becoming a minister , El-rufai was homeless.I doubt the report till this day, I strongly believe as a former DG of Bureau of public enterprise, he would've saved enough that could afford him a bungalow. It does contradicts what Samuel aruwan said. " millionaire in dollars in his twenties". 
In 2011, John Campbell , the US ambassador to Nigeria confirmed that El-rufai was seeking for a loan to import taxi(s) from USA. Who do I believe now?
Before the Union report, Gov Elrufai's adviser on media and communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye confirmed that the governor had declared his assets but promised to get back to journalists with details at press time but never did. Perhaps , he was stunned at what the little mallam  declared. Who wouldn't ?
Forty houses? We can as well recall how he gave landed properties to cronies as birthday gifts. I am only bewildered at the rate people took him for a saint.
Which is easier, paying lawyers to defend your innocence or ordering CCB to publish a copy of the form?
Since the Union's report is relied upon the CCB form, I would ask the CCB to make it public to calm the situation then continue the lagal battle if I were in Elrufai's position because then, people would've believed him considering that a court case could take a whole tenure.
Hear Aliyu Abdullahi on the subject. " As a chattered quantity surveyor, a trillion naira won't surprise me if he had declared such. I asked him to name 10 chattered surveyors who can boast of #100 million , he kept mute. 
If becoming a chattered quantity surveyor guarantees assets to the tune of #90 billion and 40 houses in Abuja, I must then take a stroll to National Open University for a degree in Quantity surveying.. That's what Abdullahi meant by his statement. 
The new trend is ; claim to be poor, maintain it, live it. Such could get you a presidential  or a governorship seat. Elrufai made good use of the decoy. 
I see beyond the bag contents. I therefore challenge El-rufai to make his assets public.
Ikechukwu Iroha is a public analyst, he writes from seat of power and could be reached through his email

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