Top 8 Best Loan Apps In Australia for 2022/2023

Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022
Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

Anyone can suddenly be hit with a sudden financial crisis. With the evolution and digitization of the financial system, gathering online instant loan apps in Australia to meet this need has become easy and seamless.

Before this financial digitalization and its consequent advent of digital banks, getting emergency instant loan apps in Australia to manage financial crisis could have been a challenge. However today, the scenario is completely different. Technology has taken our lives to a whole new level. Getting instant online loan in Australia is possible within a few minutes from the moment you apply for it.

Top 8 Best Instant Loan Apps In Australia 2022
Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

Top 8 Best Emergency Instant Loan Apps In Australia For 2022

The following are our list of the top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia for 2022. Be careful to read their features and choose the best pick that meets your choice and rate demand.

  1. Moneyspot
  2. Credit24
  3. SpotMeNow
  4. Fundo
  5. CashnGo
  6. Athena
  7. Cashify

Find below ratings, best for pick, loan amount and tenure for the finest and best online loan applications in Australia for quick personal, home and car lending.


Loan App

“Best For” Pick

Loan Amount

Loan Tenure

1 Moneyspot Loan App Best for Hassle-free personal loans Up To $5000 Up to 5 months
2 Credit24 Loan App Best for flexible loan packages Up To $2000 Up to 12 months
  1. SpotMeNow Loan App
Best for fast loan approval decisions Up To $5000 Up to 24 months
4 Fundo Loan App Best for same day disbursement Up To $2000 Up to 6 months
5 CashnGo Loan App Best for quick short term loan Up To $2000 Up to 4 months
6 Athena Loan App Best for no fee online Home Loan Up To $150,000 Up to 300 months
7 Cashify Loan App Best for emergency personal loan Up To $5000 Up to 12 months
8 Loan App Best for Online home and car loan Up To $400,000 Up to 360 months

1. Moneyspot

Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
MoneySpot: Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

Moneyspot is the 1st pick on our list of top 8 best instant online loan apps in Australia. The lending platform provides hassle-free personal loans that are 100% online and processed on a 24-7 basis. Designed for short-term borrowing to cover financial shortfalls, Moneyspot loans can be applied for up to a 20 week period and allow customers to borrow between $200 to $5000.

They offer personal or instalment loans from $200 to $3500 with a quick application and approvals process. Moneyspot typically processes, approves, and sends funds within an hour (or the next day if applied for outside business hours).

With a commitment to responsible lending, Moneyspot provides a cash loan calculator that allows potential customers to gauge what their repayments would look like before they finalise their application. Through their stringent eligibility standards, Moneyspot ensures that only employed individuals who can repay the loan are approved.

With a Moneyspot Small Loan, you can borrow from $200 up to $2,000. Applications are online but the loan features high fees and charges.

Moneyspot offers small, unsecured loans that you can get within an hour of applying. Unlike traditional lenders, Moneyspot accepts applications from bad credit borrowers. The application process is entirely online and takes about five minutes to complete. They charge standard payday loan fees, which includes an establishment fee of 20% and a monthly fee of 4%. Your loan term will be a maximum of 90 days.

To apply for a loan from Moneyspot, CLICK HERE.

2. Credit24

Credit24: Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
Credit24: Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

Credit24 is the 2nd pick on our list of top 8 best instant online loan apps in Australia. The lending platform offers flexible loan packages where customers can choose their loan amounts and repayment periods.

All applications are online and you will receive a notification about the status of your loan instantly. You could receive the funds within 24 hours of approval. Credit24 Australia is owned by IPF Digital group, which operates other Credit24 companies worldwide and has over 200,000 customers. IPF Digital Group has been listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange since 2007.

Credit24 offer a fast and easy online application for up to $2,000. You can apply 24/7 with a good credit rating and employment to be approved.

Loan amount: $2,000
Loan term: 4-12 months
Turnaround time: Same day – conditions apply
Fees: 20% of loan amount establishment fee + 4% of loan amount monthly.
You must earn $600 p/m
Quick and easy Approval of your loan with good credit

Features and benefits of a Credit24 Loans

    • You can apply online. The entire process of using Credit24 Australia is online. Once you apply, you can receive instant notification about the status of your loan.
    • The funds may be deposited in your bank account within 24 hours.
    • Loans feature flexible terms. Loan terms between 6 months and 3 years are available.
    • If you need to request a change to your payment plan you can email Credit24’s accounts team.
    • An online loan tool is provided to help you consider each amount and repayment time-frame so you can make an informed decision.
    • Affordable rates are on offer. There are a variety of low rate personal loans offered.
    • These loans don’t require security and the rate changes depending on your loan term, so you can adjust how much you pay.
    • Online loans available from $500 to $10,000.
    • All loan options are made to suit your needs and developed in accordance with your financial situation. As well as being able to choose your loan amount, you can also choose your repayment period.
    • The affordable repayments are designed to help you pay back your loan easily.

To apply for a loan from Credit24, CLICK HERE.

3. SpotMeNow

SpotMeNow Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
SpotMeNow Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

SpotMeNow is an online loan provider whose speciality is providing fast, flexible, and near-instant loans and our 3rd pick on our list of top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia. How do they do this? SpotMeNow leverages advanced real-time risk assessment technology that enables their team to make instant loan approval decisions.

Online and available 24-7, loan applications can get a quick decision and the money can be transferred within the same business day. SpotMeNow’s loans are highly flexible, allowing anyone who meets the eligibility criteria to borrow from $1000 to $5000 with flexible repayment terms.

SpotMeNow is upfront with its fee structure and has nothing hidden in the fine print for anyone borrowing to worry about. With the total costs of each loan stated clearly, potential customers can make a fully-informed decision about whether or not to proceed.

The online member’s dashboard each customer signs up to makes it easy for them to manage their repayments and stay on top of the loan. They also have 24-7 online support available to help their customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

To apply for a loan from SpotMeNow, CLICK HERE.

4. Fundo

FUNDO Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
FUNDO Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

Fundo is an Australian-owned short term loan provider that lets you borrow between $300 and $2000. It is our 4th pick on our list of top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia.

Unlike some traditional lenders, Fundo doesn’t assume that someone with a less-than-ideal credit rating is necessarily a high-risk borrower. They look at your personal circumstances to assess your ability to repay a loan before they make a decision. Approved lendees also often receive their funds on the same day.

As long as you’re aged 18 or over, have a regular employment income, and can provide Fundo with the info they need, then you can apply for an online loan. If your loan is approved,then you have the option to repay it in installments over 61 to 180 days.

You can manage your loan and your Fundo account through your personalised dashboard, which lets you check your Fundo credit score, update your account, make payments or reschedule, and refer and earn points – all from your PC or smartphone.

Most reviewers reported great communication and customer service when it came to contacting and dealing with Fundo.
Reviewers also said that the application process for a loan was easy to complete and track.
They also appreciated the fast turnaround time, saying that decisions on loans were made quickly and the funds deposited into their account on the same or next day most of the time.

Fundo has won a 2022 Award in the Short Term Loans category! Top points were awarded to the loan provider for their exceptional customer service and their simple, straightforward application process.

To apply for a loan from Fundo, CLICK HERE.

5. CashnGo

CASHNGO Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
CASHNGO Top 8 Best Online Loan Apps In Australia for 2022

CashnGo, our 5th pick on our list of top 8 best instant online loan apps in Australia, is a short term finance lender delivering quick loans to those who need some extra cash in a hurry. They provide access to loans of $300-$2000 with flexible repayment options, allowing potential customers to set up their repayment calendar before confirming their application.

CashnGo is fully-transparent with what the total repayment amount of each loan will be, with an emphasis on ensuring their customers are comfortable with the arrangement they enter into. Anyone with a steady income can apply for a loan from CashnGo, and applications can be submitted online 24-7.

Applying for a loan is easy with CashnGo, and they utilise intelligent technology to provide a fast approval decision. Upon approval, funds are also transferred almost instantly (although bank transfer delays can be unavoidable).

Features Of CashnGo Loans

  • Effortless Process: Our loan application takes about 5 minutes to complete. We have made the process simple and effortless.
  • Secure Application: We know security is important and we can assure you all of your details will remain 100% confidential.
  • Outcome in Seconds: Our intelligent technology aims to provide you with a quick decision.
  • Instant Funds Transfer: Upon approval of your application, your money will be transferred within seconds (bank transfer delays may apply). Happy Shopping!
  • We’re Dedicated To Our Customers

Almost anybody with a steady income can apply for a loan from CashnGo. You can submit your application online 24 hours, 7 days a week or you can visit one of their conveniently located Self Service Kiosks. Once approved, the lending platform strives to have the money available within 30 minutes.

To apply for a loan from CashnGo, CLICK HERE.

6. Athena

ATHENA Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia
ATHENA Top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia

Athena is our 6th pick on our list of top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia  – It  claims to be a no fee online Loan Provider and lender that has a customer first attitude and some of the best rates available. The Athena Celebrate Variable Home Loan provides the same outstanding terms to new and existing customers, with zero fees included. Furthermore, the automatic rate reduction function means that the more you pay down your loan, the lower your interest rate gets. It’s accessible to refinancers and new borrowers buying in capital or major regional cities with a deposit of at least 40% or equity.

Features Of Athena Loan

  • ZERO ATHENA FEES: Why should you be charged for being a customer? Seriously, zero Athena fees.
  • DROP YOUR OWN RATE: The more you pay down your loan the more we’ll lower your rate. Automatically.
  • AUTOMATIC RATE MATCH: Existing customers score the same sexy new customer rates on our like-for-like loans¹.
  • 100% FEE-FREE OFFSET: The more money you put in your offset or redraw, the less interest you’ll pay.

Other Key Features

    • New 1.99% variable rate (1.99% comparison rate*),
    • Zero Athena fees + free extra repayments and redraw,
    • Available to borrowers with 40% deposit or equity
    • Website
    • Address Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Phone 13 35 35
    • Operating Hours 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

To apply for a loan from Athena, CLICK HERE.

7. Cashify

CASHIFY instant loan apps in Australia
CASHIFY instant loan apps in Australia

Cashify, a short term personal loan is our 7th pick on our list of top 8 best instant online loan apps in Australia to meet emergency quick cash need. With the platform, you can borrow borrow up to $5,000 instantly.

Cashify claims to meet urgent cash need if you have an unexpected expense. Whatever you need it for, Cashify says it is available to help with $2,000–$5,000 Personal Loan transferred instantly into your account!

Features of Cashify

  • Fixed rate 48% p.a.
  • Loan terms 3-12 months
  • Instant cash transfers
  • Unsecured loan from $2,000 to $5,000
  • Ideal for emergency expenses, debt consolidation, household appliances, technology updates, travel, car upgrades and more.
  • Easy online application
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Borrow from a trusted Australian owned and operated lender
  • No hidden fees or charges

Loan Amount $2,000 to $5,000
Loan Type Unsecured
Loan Term 3 – 12 months
Loan Rate 48% p.a.
Repayment Options Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Establishment Fee $370
Other Fees That May Apply Dishonour Fee: $15

Timings Receive the money in your bank account instantly* if you sign the approved contract between 9am–9pm on business days

To apply for a loan from Cashify, CLICK HERE.


Launched in 2011, was Australia’s first online lender. was one of Australia’s first online lenders allowing people to get a home loan online. We selected it as our 8th pick on our list of top 8 best instant loan apps in Australia.

The lending platform has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest lenders with happy home and car loan customers all over Australia, and $6 billion in loans under management.

Today, remains one of the largest and most trusted online lenders in the country. offers low-interest online loans directly to consumers, and this headline-grabbing house loan is certain to entice borrowers to switch banks.

The Smart Booster Home Loan is packed with useful options like unlimited free extra repayments, redraws for free, and an optional offset account for 0.10% to help you increase your savings and get mortgage-free quicker than conventional home loans can.

There are no recurring charges, and it’s available to borrowers who put down a deposit of 20% on loans up to $1 million.

Whatever stage of the home loan journey you’re at, can help.

  • Key Services 1.85% discounted variable rate for 2 years, Rolls over to low ongoing 2.25% (2.21% comparison rate*)
  • Website
  • Address Riverside Centre, 40/123 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
  • Phone 1300 804 152
  • Operating Hours 7am-7pm Monday to Friday

To apply for a loan from, CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Instant Loan Apps In Australia

Getting an instant loan app in Australia to meet your need can be simple! Below are some of the more commonly asked questions answered.

1. What’s the application process?

To apply for a loan with most platforms in Australia, the process is pretty easy. Simply fill out the application form showed on the app. Application forms are 100% online.  The application form will require personal information, including proof of ID, employment, income and bank statements to verify your financial situation.

Once you complete the application form, you will receive an email to confirm reeipt of your application and it is being reviewed by the loan assessors. You will receive an email once a decision has been made.

Once your loan has been approved and you have signed a digital copy of the contract, the transfer of the full amount of your loan would be made into your nominated bank account.

2. Am I eligible?

To apply for a loan, you must:

Be 18 years or over
Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

3. What can I use the money for?

Almost everything! You can use your loan for any occasion. The most common reasons for a loan are debt consolidation, home improvements, booking a holiday, planning a wedding, or for medical or family emergencies. Whatever you need it for, Cashify can help!

4. How quickly can I receive the money?

Once your loan is approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account instantly. Depending on your bank’s clearance times, you could receive the money in your account within minutes.

5. What information do you require?

Information required will depend on the different loan platforms but some personal information will be needed from you when you are applying for your loan. This will help confirm your identity, understand your financial position and ensure you can afford to repay your loan comfortably.

6. Identification?

You may be required to provide one of the below forms of identification:

Australian Driver Licence Number
Australian Passport Number
Australian Medicare Number
Residential Details
Provide details of your current address