Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: Day Nine


            DAY NINE

Days of yore leads to the periphery of the nostalgic 

    Embracing such sometimes leads to emotions so tragic 

      The downside would be hearts so torn, memories goes beyond classic 

         The last I checked, some take life as an unending party.


As it stands, the year is like a giant lumbering along trying to be lucid 

    With such a frame, the task becomes so arduous, looking on evokes pity 

      It’s still young I know, but the din around is a reminder that we are perpetual critics 

        A lull is not an option, lest the ones that should know drives all out of the city.


You must wonder why the abode is singular but I do have my reason 

   I am not breaking this up so we must take it as a whole because it is such a season 

    Where simple becomes complex and you are wondering if senses are in prison 

     With the keys thrown away, and now the population of the inmates is increasing. 


Newness of each day is the only escape from the bounded state, and that is pleasing 

   I subscribe to such because my thoughts with regards to the year are still teething 

    Days easily represented on the finger tips but the reality leaves you seething 

     I must take a step back and reappraise the resolution before I start weeding. 


Instances now abound to tempt any whose foundation from the start was not robust 

   Compromise comes so easy to such for; principles are like garbage in a truck 

    The destination is obvious and the clatter reminds you of ‘a storm in a tea cup’ 

      Steering clear would enable you to step over such when they fall. 


Now that it is clear that there is, on the horizon, a gathering storm 

  The sensible thing to do would be to rein back thoughts and seek reform

    An arduous feat for any whose mental ability at self appraisal is not properly formed 

      You can latch on to mine and as a team, we can brace up for the impending call. 


Ending for now would be on this stanza with the reverberations making us take a pause 

   Less than ten days indeed, but we can redirect the views and remove the clog 

     There is more to life than speed, sun and a cry, so we could share the applause 

       We are meant to be to each other, the link to making the weakest strong. 


For STN – 13 

© S.O.J/Musicwithin1; Thursday 09th      January 2014 ~ 00:13 hrs gmt 

The inspiration is too intangible to be identifiable, so I will just let the words take you on the course. 

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