Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: How I Will Love You



How, always precedes an action

Only reason why life is about factions

Winners take all in some sections 

—— ———–

I dare to hold back physical attraction 

—— ———–

Wanting you is more than traction

It’s the only way to transcend the surreal notion

Lately it is more like a whirling commotion 

Letting go will only increase attraction 

——- ————

Love is more than a flurry of emotion 

Only deciphered when you are in motion

Vantage points passed yet it’s an assertion 

Everything about you is a notion 

——- ———–

You feel it same as an eruption 

Only, this burns not and soothes like lotion

Undying is the way to express and, it is potent like a potion.

——— ————-

© S.O.J : Sunday 10th June 2012

Dedicated to a friend as a task to test what it would be like to be loved. Apt for Valentine’s day I reckon.

For STN – 18 

© S.O.J/Musicwithin1; Thursday 13th         February 2014 ~ 00:18 hrs gmt 

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