Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: Keyboard Cramps!


========== KEYBOARD CRAMPS =========

Kindled spirits of heroes past, would turn in their graves at the spate of confusion in the land

Endless orgies, fuelled by misuse of our hard earned cash

Yet in the final analysis, any attempt at explanation takes you further from facts

But for shared faiths, maybe we would have long gone apart

On such a note, hearts are heavy and tears are still floating from hatred like rafts

Any wonder why so many don’t even know how to move thoughts into kick-starts

Relativity seems to be the order of the day beside dodging ominous tracks 

Don’t even try to unravel these or you would be knocked out flat


Cramps could be a good thing for you get to reappraise the wonders of being alive

Round that up to the fact that we are all under siege from enemy attacks

After all, we should be celebrating nationhood not mourning dreams killed intact

Maybe someday somewhere somehow liberation would come from arena yet uncharted

Promises made and broken meant we are now all like mice and cats

So amazing is our lot, it beats the imagination of the wisest how we are still unscathed.


   © S.O.J April 20 2011 .

INSPIRED BY Jameel Muhammad Dahiru &Umar Saleh Gwani. 



For STN – 21 

© S.O.J/Musicwithin1; Thursday 06th          March 2014 ~ 00:21hrs 

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