Boko Haram Attack In Cameroon Leaves 7 Dead


The militant Boko Haram sect are not limiting their insurgency to Nigeria North-East States alone as the terrorist group launched an attack in Northern Cameroon on Sunday leaving seven people dead, according to a Cameroonian security source.

The source which requested anonymity told AFP on Monday that, “Boko Haram killed a (Cameroonian) soldier. Our soldiers killed six of their guys” and “captured” two others near the Nigerian border.

According to AFP, a local Cameroonian NGO also confirmed the assault adding that there were “victims” without specifying the number.

“On Sunday, around 30 heavily armed Boko Haram soldiers crept discretely into Cameroon. A villager saw them and raised the alarm. There was a clash between them and the soldiers,” said Mey Aly, from rights group Os-Civil Droits de l’Homme.

The soldiers reportedly blocked their path and a firefight broke out. Cameroon’s rapid reaction force sped to the area.

Earlier Monday, suspected Boko Haram insurgents killed 29 people in Borno State, Nigeria’s embattled northeast on Sunday, and over 100 people have died this month alone from their attack.

Meanwhile Information Minister, Labaran Maku has claimed much of Nigeria’s problem with Boko Haram stemmed from its border with Cameroon and called for “increased partnership” from its northern neighbor with the claim that the Islamists have set up bases in sparsely populated areas of Nigeria’s Northeastern neighbours, including Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Material Credit: AFP

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