Boko Haram: FG More Interested In Rhetoric Than Action, Says Buhari


Former head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) yesterday said the Federal Government needed to take decisive action, and not keep up the rhetoric, towards tackling insurgency that is causing mass deaths in the North-East.

He said for Nigeria to be a better country, security must be provided for its citizens and the country secured against internal and external threats. He lamented the mass killing in the North-East by insurgents and urged the Federal Government to take decisive action rather than trading in rhetoric.

Gen Buhari made the statement during the APC National Summit held in Abuja on Thursday where the party’s manifesto was unveiled.

The former head of state blamed mass unemployment, widespread abject poverty, and an escalating insurgency on the Federal Government.

Buhari said, “For Nigeria to be a better country, security must be provided for its citizens. It must be secured against internal and external threats. Lives are being lost, people are being killed by insurgents and the Federal Government seems to be more interested in rhetoric than action.

“What is happening in the North-East is dangerous to the well-being of the country, and it is our responsibility to remind the government of its responsibility of protecting the people.

“We found out that if we don’t come together, the opposition parties at this level of representation in the houses of assembly, House of Representatives and the Senate and local government, the ruling party will ruthlessly rig us out of existence in the political environment.” 

“They will take us individually and destroy us. But when we come together and spread all over the country, this impunity will be killed. Nigeria will have to be properly managed and we all know we are lucky.

“We have tremendous human and material resources, but our failure to put credible leaders to manage them becomes our problem, and the youths are being highly agitated. This is why we have to mobilise to have a party which is unstoppable,” he stressed.

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