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Campus Life With Emeke: Compliments Of The Season!


It's been quite a while since ''Campus Life With Emeke'' last appeared on Skytrend News. I sincerely apologize for the break. To those who have been sending me messages via Facebook about when I will be back, I am happy to inform you that I’m now back. The hiccups that tied me down have been resolved.
Least I digress, back to the day's business, what do you think about making New Year (Academic) resolutions? A New Year resolution is of course a person's promise to renew, replace, or surpass his past
The tradition began in 153 B.C. It started in January which was named after Janus, a mythical god of early Rome.
Janus had two faces–one looking forward, and the other backward. On December 31, the Romans imagined Janus looking backward into the previous year, and forward to the New Year which he promised to make better. Thus, the Romans and many parts of the world abducted the tradition as a time of making resolutions just like Janus.
However, in 2007, a study conducted by Richard Wiseman from The University of Bristol with 3,000 people showed that only 12% of those who make New Year resolutions actually achieve them.
Nevertheless, I believe that the percentage can be increased if we are determined to achieve the resolutions. Or, don't you think you have all it takes to be resolute this year?
Keeping New Year resolutions is a tradition for a microscopic set of people who are highly disciplined. The tradition requires unwavering determination. If you believe you can achieve your New Year resolutions–just like I do–then the following are reasons why you need to make resolutions this year.
1. New Year resolutions make you retrospect to the past year to discover your weakness and strength.
2. It gives you a plan of action and direction.
3. It redefines your bad habits.
4. It discourages procrastination.
5. It builds success enthusiasm and morale.
6. It helps you make better goals and decisions.
7. It leads to progress.
I wish you good luck.
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