Caterpillar And Mantrac Nigeria Promise Enhanced Cost Savings And Operational Efficiency Through New Technologies


The world’s largest manufacturer of equipment, Caterpillar, reaffirmed its dedication to assisting Nigerian companies with cost-saving solutions, operational optimization, and data-driven power systems. These solutions were presented at a two-day seminar organized for participants in the oil and gas sector.

Senior executives from the Nigerian oil and gas industry were hosted by Caterpillar and its sole distributor in Nigeria, Mantrac Nigeria Limited. The seminar whose goal was to showcase technologies, new products, and equipment updates that can help the industry drive cost efficiency and optimize operations held between July 4 and 5, 2022 at the Radisson Blu (The Anchorage) Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos.

It was a business gathering that drew representatives of various high-profile companies and organizations in the country who were delighted to learn how they could benefit from various gas-powered, environmentally friendly, energy solutions which help to drive down the cost of production.

Representatives of the company presented a variety of new items and technologies, all of which they stated were 95% readily available in Nigeria. Mantrac, earlier in 2007, invested in a state-of-the-art complete knock-down (CKD) factory in Nigeria, enabling its capacity to meet local demands.

Additionally, company executives disclosed that existing customers might explore the opportunity to upgrade their current equipment anywhere there was compatibility with new energy solutions in addition to the opportunity to buy these new technologies.

Divided into various segments, Caterpillar and Mantrac representatives took turns to explain to the oil and gas business community and the country at large, how everyone could change to and benefit from gas technologies. They also took the audience through insightful discussions on the operations of the latest technologies now available in the Nigerian market and how they could be used efficiently and effectively and how the products could be supported long after purchase.

The experts at the seminar also highlighted available technology and the potential of upstream flare gas as a fuel alternative for gas engines. One of the other new technologies presented is dynamic gas blending (DGB), (hybrid) systems; a system capable of using both gas and diesel at once. According to Caterpillar gas expert Eric Henin, customers can lower their fuel use by an average of 70% as a result of hybrid system, energy storage system and smart engine management system.

Caterpillar And Mantrac Nigeria Promise Enhanced Cost Savings And Operational Efficiency Through New Technologies

During the interactive event, participants had the chance to assess their needs and voice any worries by speaking with specialists from Mantrac Nigeria and Caterpillar.

Arising from the need to meet each peculiar customer at their various price points, the teams from Mantrac and Caterpillar also took time to take participants on an informative session on “REMAN.” Remanufacturing or ‘Reman’ is a process where previously used parts are disassembled, cleaned, examined, restored, and tested to meet ‘as new’ specifications. They made the case for Mantrac Reman parts as a high-quality, low-cost alternative to ​original parts, offering customers an opportunity to get value at their price points and capacity.

Participants were also taken through key Mantrac capabilities including its digital and technology-driven customer-friendly platforms and interfaces that ensure that customers’ journey when an issue is reported is resolved fast, and its resolution is seamless, fast, and efficient.

The purpose of the seminar, according to Mohamed Abdelsalam, General Manager, Parts of Mantrac Nigeria Limited (MNL), was to “reaffirm the company’s commitment to its focus on gas power solutions, showcase its electric power solutions, educate participants how to choose engines and manage them more effectively, and show participants the industry and Nigerians the enormous potential in gas power technologies and how they are helping companies take advantage of it.

During the seminar, it was also disclosed that Mantrac was recently awarded Gold certification for Oil and Gas Service by Caterpillar. An important acknowledgement that is reserved for dealers who have stood out for achieving the highest levels in terms of quality and control over processes.

Mantrac Nigeria has been involved in the marketing and distribution of the entire line of Caterpillar heavy equipment for more than 70 years; including Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Dump Articulated Trucks, Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Motor Graders, Track-Type Tractors, and BCP items.

Mantrac provides support for companies in different sectors of the economy, Independent Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Hospitality, Real Estate, and many more.

Mantrac Nigeria operates from 8 branches in the country, making it easy for customers to enjoy prompt service.