Chadian Forces Kill 11 Boko Haram Fighters, 2 Soldiers Die As Sect Attacks Military Post


At least two soldiers and 11 militants were killed in suspected Boko Haram attacks on two remote military posts in the Lake Chad Area, Chad's government and military sources said.
Chad is at the forefront of a regional effort to counter the terror group which controls small enclaves in remote parts of neighbouring Nigeria's North-East from where it launches cross-border raids.
A statement by the government stated that “two communities were attacked at dawn’’, referring to isolated villages near the lake where Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon meet.
“Three would-be suicide bombers were shot by soldiers as they approached a military base in the village of Bamou, although one militant was still able to detonate an explosive device,’’ the statement added.
Boko Haram began attacking the remote, predominantly Muslim communities around the lake when the army began reinforcing its presence there at the end of 2014.
A long-awaited 8,700-strong regional task force is set to begin joint raids on its remaining strongholds when the rainy season ends soon, a top UN official said late October.