Chams HoldCo highlights key achievements and provides assurance to investors

Chams HoldCo highlights key achievements and provides assurance to investors
Chams HoldCo highlights key achievements and provides assurance to investors

The Group Managing Director of Chams Group, Mrs. Mayowa Olaniyan, unveiled a series of significant accomplishments during the company’s “Facts Behind the Figures” event held at the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) in Lagos over the weekend.

The event served as a platform for addressing NGX’s management and stockbrokers.

Among the seven key achievements highlighted by Mrs. Olaniyan were a transition in business model to a platform-oriented approach, the transformation into a non-operating holding structure, expansion of business operations, the development of the PenCentral solution, and robust financial performance, among others.

Impressive fintech achievements

In her statement, Mrs. Olaniyan emphasized the company’s attainment of the highest Fintech License category, which facilitated the shift in their business model towards a platform-centric approach.

She also highlighted the cost-effectiveness of their non-operating HoldCo structure and the expansion of Perso Bureau to encompass SIM card production.

Chamsswitch, a subsidiary of Chams Group, received certification from UnionPay International, one of the largest card schemes globally.

Furthermore, Mrs. Olaniyan pointed to the development of the PenCentral solution, aimed at addressing reconciliation challenges in the Pension Fund Administration (PFA) industry.

This innovation has enabled seamless remittances of over N10 billion this year.

She underscored the company’s focus on offering fintech solutions targeted at the younger generation to drive substantial growth, with their financial performance demonstrating triple-digit growth.

The Chairman of Chams Group, Sir Demola Aladekomo, expressed confidence in the company’s resilience and its enduring role in the global technology landscape, highlighting Chams’ ability to weather challenges and emerge stronger.

Mr. Jude Chiemeka, the Divisional Head of Capital Market at NGX, commended the Board and Management of Chams for providing comprehensive updates on the company’s financial performance, strategic initiatives, and operational developments to both the Exchange and stockbrokers during the event.

The “Facts Behind the Figures” event served as an opportunity for Chams Group to showcase its achievements and strategic direction to stakeholders in the capital market and underscore its commitment to innovation and growth in the technology sector.