Court finds medical director guilty of rape

Court finds medical director guilty of rape
Court finds medical director guilty of rape

Justice Rahman Oshodi of the Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence court has delivered a verdict, finding Dr. Olufemi Olaleye, the medical director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, guilty of raping his wife’s niece.

The judge based his decision on the consistency between the victim’s testimony and the accounts provided by the medical expert who examined her.

Moreover, Justice Oshodi highlighted the significance of Olaleye’s confessional statement and the exchange of WhatsApp and email messages with his wife as substantial evidence against him.

Justice Oshodi also cited an additional piece of evidence, namely the statement and undertaking he authored and signed alongside his lawyer, Olalekan Buruji, featuring his NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) seal at the Anthony Police Station.

This documentation, according to the judge, further substantiated the allegations of rape and coerced sexual acts on the minor victim.

As a result, Oshodi declared Dr. Olaleye guilty of the charges of defilement and sexual penetration concerning the 15-year-old minor.

The judge stressed that the prosecution had successfully established its case beyond a reasonable doubt, with all the evidence presented in court reinforcing the victim’s testimony.