Dr Oby Ezekwesili And Her New Sainthood!


Nigeria is a funny place. People have no permanent heroes or permanent villains. That’s why my saint might be your sinner and your sinner might be my saint.

Did we not fight over whether Abacha was a saint or sinner few days ago?

Its quite interesting how most people who I know their personal revulsion at military regimes suddenly became “Abachamaniacs” simply because people they see as belonging to the other side of the argument turned “Abachaphobiacs”.

Even those who have been looking for opportunities to talk back to Kongi didn’t let such opening close without using it.

People I know who never liked Abacha, never liked anything military now started eulogising Abacha because they don’t like who made the criticism. They still hold it against Kongi for the Hippopotami comments. For them nothing good can ever come out of the Nobled Prof. again.

That’s the typical attitude of the average Nigerian. If they disagreed with you elsewhere, they carry over that disagreement to another argument.

A lot of people agreed with Kongi on Abacha. I disagreed with him for singling out Abacha because there’s no sin Abacha committed that Babangida is not guilty of. Or even Abdulsalam Abubakar or Obasanjo etc.

But this short write up is about Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili. Now same people who called her names when she beamed her searchlight on this government are now sending applications in droves to the Vatican for the beatification of a living Saint Oby Ezekwesili simply because she pounded the APC yesterday.

Saint Oby ride on!

But preaching transcendental politics to a party that is fundamentally transactional is a waste of time. I hope some in APC understood the difference though.

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