Ecobank Appoints Jeremy Awori As Group CEO As Ade Ayeyemi Retires


Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) has appointed Jeremy Awori as group chief executive officer (GCEO) designate of its subsidiary, Ecobank Group.

In a corporate filing on Monday, Madibinet Cisse, company secretary, ETI, said the designation was made ahead of Ade Ayeyemi’s retirement after age 60, in accordance with its policy.

The bank said it would communicate relevant effective dates in due course.

“Jeremy Awori is joining Ecobank Group following a twenty-five-year long career in the banking industry, with almost a decade leading Absa Bank Kenya Plc as the CEO & Managing Director,” the statement reads.

Ecobank Appoints Jeremy Awori As Group CEO As Ade Ayeyemi Retires

“Before joining Absa, Jeremy held multiple leadership roles at Standard Chartered Bank across the Middle East and Africa. He brings a wealth of experience, skills, and industry know-how to the Ecobank Group.”

Alain Nkontchou, Ecobank Group chairman, thanked Ayeyemi for his “contribution during his seven years at the helm of the group”.

“Ade (Ayeyemi) can be rightly proud of his success in leading the implementation of the Roadmap to Leadership strategy, navigating Ecobank through challenges, seizing opportunities, and positioning Ecobank for sustainable long-term growth,” Nkontchou said.

“Ade’s deep knowledge, unrivalled vision, commitment and infinite passion made all the difference. It has been a real pleasure working with him. I count on his continuous support to ensure a smooth transition as we onboard Jeremy Awori as the new Group CEO.

“Jeremy Awori is a highly respected leader in the banking industry with significant achievements in his previous capacities. The Board of Directors strongly believes that his drive and a strong focus on results will be vital in steering the Group in its next phase.”

On his part, Ayeyemi expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to lead the Ecobank Group.

“It is a privilege to lead an amazing team of Ecobankers in bringing the Ecobank Group back to growth and continuing to realise our commendable pan-African mandate,” he said.