Ekiti Speaker Lays Bare The Truth About Fayose's Impeachment Moves, Writes Chief Judge, Others


The speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon Dele Olugbemi has carpeted the purported letter said to have been written by the former speaker, Dr Adewale Omirin asking the state Chief Judge (CJ) to constitute impeachment panel to probe the state governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose.
In a statement personally signed by himself, Olugbemi said the House of Assembly of which he is the speaker never sat on the Governor let alone he writing the CJ to constitute impeachment panel.
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The Statement Reads:
"Sequel to our previous correspondence to the Chief judge of Ekiti state Judiciary dated 4th of April, 2015, the clerk and I have again have cause to written to the Chief Judge, yet another letter refuting the letter purportedly emanating from the office of the speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly mandating him (Chief Judge) to constitute an investigative panel in relation to an impeachment notice which allegedly emanated from my office (speaker)
"For the avoidance of doubt, I wish to categorically state here now before you that the said letter directing the Chief Judge of Ekiti state to constitute an investigative Panel did not emanate from the Ekiti State House of Assembly.
"We never wrote any letter to the Chief Judge directing him to constitute an investigative panel, neither was the House involved in any impeachment proceedings against the executive governor of our great state.
"In further refutations of the ongoing brigandage, I wish to state that the former speaker, Dr Adewale Omirin was duly removed as the speaker of the Ekiti state house of Assembly on 20th day of November, 2014 and his removal paved the way for my legitimate emergence as the new speaker of the Ekiti state house of Assembly.
"In prove of my incumbency and control of the Assembly, I have here present with me the clerk of the state house of Assembly without whom no legitimate sitting of the house can take place, I also have here present the Sergeant at Arm and the entire retinue of the staff of the state house of Assembly and the maze of the House.
"It is a common knowledge that all legitimate session of any house of Assembly take place only inside the hallow chamber of the house of Assembly. Indeed any other purported sitting of the house at any other location outside the Hallow chamber of the house of Assembly is null and void and of no effect whatsoever, this is more so when such meeting purportedly took place without the principal officers here present with me now.
The speaker said further said; "Accordingly, I have advice the Chief Judge to discountenance all letters, resolutions, proceedings or processes emanating from Dr Adewale Omirin or any other person impersonating my person or my office."
"I have copied the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Director of the Department of State Services and the Commissioner of Police so that they can jointly apprehend the impersonators.
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